Gardener jailed for life after stabbing customer to death

Source: The telegraph

Tragically in recent news, the telegraph state that ”A gardener who murdered an elderly customer in a brutal attack in which he stabbed him more than 40 times, has been jailed for life.”

The murderer David Hall, 48, has had many historical issues with the police, including, In October 2014, where he ”stole £557.80 from a Costa Coffee and was accused of burgling customers’ homes.”

”He then secretly moved to Portsmouth.”

”Mr Plater’s gave him “second chance” despite calls from his family to let Hall go, presumably due to his ‘odd’ behaviours. 

Whats your view on this? Obviously its a travesty, and the murderer has been sentenced to life inprisonment as an act of justice, but should more be done in rural security, to stop aspects like this happening and keep in track of people like hall with criminal records? Should police in Portsmouth done more to keep Hall in the ‘local eye’, due to his historic criminal record, to potentially stop this from happening?

This is a difficult one for sure but please Comment Below to express your view. 


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