Cameron and Welfare: Speech, but no policy?

Source: The NewStatesman, The BBC

Within this political article, the NewStatesman quote within that ”Policies from across government departments are to blame from the removal of Child Benefit, cuts to Tax Credits, spiralling costs of childcare and the decimation of Sure Start to a shortage of midwives, cuts to charities working with the most disadvantaged families, persistent low pay, a lack of affordable housing and spiralling household debt.”

They further this to say that even David Cameron himself knows that ”making a speech in London doesn’t translate to real change on the ground” such as the issues stated above.

What’s your view on this? Does Cameron need to stop continuously speaking publicly about what he’s going to do, and actually ‘do’ something about welfare policies the the NewStatesman outline to do? What would benefit our overall Welfare policies for society? What would you change about the conservative Welfare policies?

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