Politicians on Social Media: Is it necessary?

Source: Wall Street Journal, Journalist Resource

This article provides insight into wether politicians should interact on social media sources, like Facebook or Twitter in particular.

As a recent example, Donald Trump stated he plans to keep tweeting, even if he’s elected president. In you view, is this a good thing?

A reason why it could be adequate is according to the Journalist resource,  who state ”Academic research has consistently found that people who consume more news media, have a greater probability of being civically and politically engaged, across a variety of measures.”
But is it a good thing to engage on social media with politicians? Although it potentially creates a wider politically aware society, could it lead to learning about false news and political information, to create a politically biased and ‘incorrect’ society? Do politicians become to personal online about professional and disclosed political ideologies? Do they create a good image upon themselves online as individuals?
Comment Below your views and examples of politicians being unprofessional online



One thought on “Politicians on Social Media: Is it necessary?

  1. I think politicians on social media is both good and bad. To instantly put across recent political news and genuine beliefs of theirs is a positive thing I find, if its within reason and not hurting others views. However, at times it could tarnish there representation as a professional MP/politician, if their views are highly critical of others, as everyone is entitled to their own political opinions, wether the opposing politician(s) like it or not. So as long as they don’t effect other people’s wellbeing by being over critical online (ie labour MP criricising a Conservative MP ideology) then it’s ok. Highly opinionated facts should be left within parliament to debate and not on social media, to stop public rumors, and unprofessional behaviour speading.

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