President Obama vows America will be the country that cures cancer ‘once and for all’

Source: Yahoo, The White House.Gov

In an article by Yahoo Politics, and within Obamas final state union speech addressed on Tuesday evening, President Obama ”promised to launch a major initiative, to cure cancer.”

Yahoo delve further within their article that President Obama quoted in his speech, “We (America) can do so much more, and last year Vice President Biden said that with a new moonshot America can cure cancer. Last month, he worked with this Congress to give scientists at the National Institutes of Health the strongest resources that they’ve had in over a decade”

Whats your view of this? Can America be the ‘one’ to finally cure cancer? How long do you feel it will take until the miracle of curing cancer will finally be achieved? How much funding (realistically speaking) should be funded into this, alongside charitable cancer funds? Is this task of curing cancer potentially to hard to achieve, or can it be done?

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One thought on “President Obama vows America will be the country that cures cancer ‘once and for all’

  1. Is ‘cure cancer’ as a ‘we will be able to cure cancer when found on time with a medicine of a sort’, or that ‘there won’t be cancer at all’ (which obviously isn’t possible.) Or a completely unrealistic, ‘we will simply cure any cancer?’

    Whichever it is, it is unrealistic. I’d say impossible. As long as humans knew cancer they’ve been seeking a cure. Are we any closer? We know how to find it, we know how to control it, how to ease the pain, but not anyone has yet been able to cure it. And I don’t see why America would be the one, Everybody’s looking for the cure. I suppose they’re just making a dare and putting some more money to it.

    And then what do we die of?

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