SNP will implement new taxation powers to ensure Scotland’s lowest earners get ‘a better deal’

Source The Daily Record

The Daily Record quote within an article that ”SOCIAL Justice Secretary Alex Neil has said new income tax powers coming to Holyrood in 2017 will be used to give Scotland’s lowest earners “a better deal”, indicating tax rises for those who earn the most.”

The Daily Record expand further to say ”He has already hinted at tax rises for the rich, stating he is in favour of “progressive taxation”, while the SNP backed restoration of the 50p top rate of tax at the general election.”

Whats your view of this? Will this ‘progressive taxation’ make a better tax society within Scotland? Would this be an effective taxation policy? Does this further a statement that Scotland are becoming more independent as time goes on, also considering the dominant SNP election results in 2015 within Sottish constituencies, although Scotland voted to stay within the UK?

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