South Korea heats up North Korea feud

Source: Sky News, The telegraph

As Sky News states, Seoul Fires Warning Shots At ‘North Korea Drone’

Sky delve further to this, by quoting South Korea claim of ”the ‘enemy’s unidentified object invaded’ its territory and warns it is “closely” watching Pyongyang’s military.”

The “unidentified flying object” entered South Korean territory by some “tens of metres”, military officials said.

Whats your view on this? Should South and North Korea finally sign some form of Declaration towards a better chance of Peace, thus contributing towards finally diminishing ever lasting conflicts and tensions between the two nations, since the early 1950’s? Do North Korea need to be watched more closely by the world, after ever growing uncertainty of their military funding, ideologies and tasks?

Alike the South Korean tensions, Global tensions have also risen, due to North Koreas self-proclaimed hydrogen bomb that could ‘wipe out the whole US’. Do we need to do more to decrease the tensions, or somehow potentially put a stop to North Koreas constant global and South Korean threats? What could we do?

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