Spain’s socialists want the formation of an anti-austerity coalition, with leftist parties

Source: The Independent

As the Independent title states, Socialists in Spain state that they want a formation of an anti-austerity coalition, where ”both Podemos and the nationalist parties want a referendum on independence for Catalonia – which PSOE is dead-set against.”

Catalonian independence has been a major ongoing topic  within Spain’s political news. The thoughts of Spain’s potential future ‘identity crisis’ as a nation-state is up in arms, due to a possible occurrence of a dividing of the two, forming future economic uncertainty and consequences in Spain,  if a ‘split’ in sovereignty ideology occurs.

”The Spanish general election was dominated by discussions of constitutional reform, including the level of autonomy Spain’s regions should have.”

Whats your view of this? Would an anti-austerity coalition form a better Spain, and create a referendum vote of gaining Catalonia’s vote to stay within Spain as a full nation? What major aspects would happen if Spain and Catalonia were to separate? Can Spain afford to loose one of its most affluent areas of its nation? What do you think will happen? Will Catalonia gain independence?

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