ISIS Claims Deadly Indonesia Attacks

Source: Wall Street Journal, The Guardian

Wall Street Journal have recently published an article, where the title claims that Islamic State have already claimed the recent deadly Indonesian attacks, where a reported ”2 civilians have died, as well as 5 terrorists”, according to officials.  (WSJ 2016)

The bombings have been reported to of happened in ”JAKARTA, Indonesia— where …Multiple blasts and gunfire jolted the Indonesian capital Thursday, in what officials said were coordinated Islamic State-linked terror attacks, killing seven and shattering a relatively peaceful period.” (WSJ 2016)

The Wall Street Journal emphasis that ”The bombings ended a lengthy period without a major terrorist attack in Jakarta, the capital of the world’s most Muslim-populous nation and one with a reputation for moderate Islam.” (WSJ 2016)

What’s your view of this? Does this overcome the worldwide stereotype by certain people in society, that most, if not all muslims are linked to terrorism? Donald Trump is an example, who wants to put a ban on all muslims coming into america, due to so called links of muslims and terror.

Does the EU, and/or the UK need to act on this and support Indonesia? Does further knowledge about Religious & Political Ideologies from ISIS, need to be reprehended and explained further, to stop a stereotype between them, and general Islam belief?

Comment Below you views


  • WSJ= Wall Street Journal



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