Three guilty over Hatton Garden’s £14m burglary

Source: The BBC

As the BBC outlines, ”Three men have been found guilty of their involvement in the “largest burglary in English legal history.”

The BBC furthers this to quote, ”During the raid the gang used heavy cutting equipment to get into a vault at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd and ransack 56 safe deposit boxes.”

”Gold, diamonds and sapphires, together worth up to £14m, were taken. Two thirds of the valuables remain unrecovered.” (BBC 2016).

What’s your view on this? How long should these men serve for their crimes? Does this make you feel safe with your belongings at home, with the fact that three men can sufficiently steal from one of the most highly secure building’s in the UK, without notice until weeks, to months afterwards? Does this show that despite the ever growing securitization rates in the UK, people can still commit heavy crimes like the Hatton Garden’s burglary? Do the government need to do more?

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