18 MPs ‘in a committee most people have never heard of’ axed maintenance grants for England’s poorest students

Source: The Independent, The Guardian

If you’re a student who resides and studies within the UK, and rely on a maintenance grant to afford university life, then you may not like this following article on @thepoliticsview.

According to the Independent, ”It took just 90 minutes for 18 MPs to axe maintenance grants for more than half a million of England’s poorest students “in a committee most people have never heard of.”

Considering the following articles, What’s you’re view on this issue, wether you’re a student or not?

Will this effect the amount of students going to Universities, especially universities of the lower ranks perhaps? Does this make University Education only available to the upper-middle, to upper class society, who are more likely to fund the expenses of university education? –which are also potentially increasing, by university rank, so the increase in tuition fees is in line with inflation from 2017-18.

Comment Below your views on Student loans and the maintenance grant.


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