Businesses subject to ‘unfair’ pay, warns Jeremy Corbyn

Source: The BBC, Living Wage Foundation

According to the BBC ”Almost six million workers in the UK are currently paid less than the living wage – an informal benchmark promoted by the Living Wage Foundation, which is currently £8.25 an hour and £9.40 in London.”

This follows onto the BBC stating that ”A Labour government could ban companies from paying dividends to shareholders unless they pay workers the living wage, Jeremy Corbyn has said.”

Finally, The BBC state that ”Mr Corbyn said imposing “pay ratios” between those at the top and those at the bottom of a company’s pay scale, could be another option for creating a fairer society.

What’s your view of this? Would Corbyn implement this task effectively, if in power? How would it roughly effect businesses overall, if all members of staff were earning at least the living wage (£8.25per hour)?  It may benefit the respective employed staff of businesses, but would businesses themselves suffer overtime?

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