Conservatives face debate over onshore windfarm subsidies with Lords

Source: The Guardian

Within the Guardian Article, they state that ”the government is expected to be forced into a renewed standoff with the House of Lords over David Cameron’s reversal on green energy subsidies.”

”After a series of constitutional rows, the tensions between the government and the upper chamber will reach a new flashpoint as the energy secretary, Amber Rudd, presses ahead with a scheme to end subsidies for new onshore windfarms.”

They also stat that ”the plan, contained in the energy bill, was rejected by peers last year, when an alliance of Labour, Liberal Democrat and crossbench peers took on the government over the proposed closure of the Renewable Obligation subsidy scheme.”

What’s your view of this?

Are onshore windfarms effective, or are they better off within the open seas of land? Would windfarms onshore effect anything major like the economy or the environment?

Have your say on, onshore windfarms within the comment section below 


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