Sunday Politics: Your view on todays show

Source: The BBC

The Politics Show on the BBC today are discussing the EU, Pay Inequality and Trident.

The BBC have quoted that a ”New Conservative campaign group on EU warns of risks of British exit” from the European Union. Should we take the EU referendum more seriously and get as many people to know what the positives and negatives of leaving are?

When discussing pay inequality, the BBC quote that ”Jeremy Corbyn has said that a Labour government could ban companies from paying dividends to shareholders unless they pay workers the living wage. Should the conservatives take note of the ever growing inequality of pay, and how should they alleviate this issue? 

When it comes to trident, the BBC state that Scottish SNP leader Ms Sturgeon, ”wants to see Trident scrapped, says the money that would be saved could be spent to create jobs elsewhere.”Should there be a vote on wether to have development and funding of trident on nuclear weapons or not? 

From reading/watching the link, what’s YOUR view on the main topics discussed on the politics show today?



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