£20Million to fund linguistic english skills for foreign muslims

Source: The Independent

The Independent have announced that ”David Cameron prompts backlash by announcing plans to teach Muslim women English”

They state that according to Cameron, this heavily funded task is implemented ”to “help” more Muslim women to speak fluent English – while at the same warning they could be deported if their language skills do not improve.

They further to quote that ”The Prime Minister announced the £20 million fund for language classes to teach the 190,000 Muslim women in England who are thought to speak little or no English”

What’s your view on this?

If they are deported for not having sufficient skills, then surely that is a massive waste of money? Should the money be used on tackling many other UK issues instead? What’s your view on this act by David Cameron? Positive and/or negative?

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One thought on “£20Million to fund linguistic english skills for foreign muslims

  1. Positive, due to a potential increase in diversity and socialisation skills between Muslims and others.
    But negative of you consider all the other issue that could be sorted too, and maybe need sorting out before this issue of poor socialisation skills between a verity of ethic if backgrounds. £20million also seems like a lot of money purely for English skills, in which these people could surely afford themselves if they really wanted to ‘contribute’ towards society and the U.K.?

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