David Cameron: Junior doctors must not block NHS progress

Source: The Guardian

Prime minister repeats threat made by Jeremy Hunt to impose new contract on striking doctors without their consent (Guardian 2016)

The Guardian have written about the ever growing tensions about the Junior Doctors strike over wages and working hours.

They quote within the article that ”David Cameron has repeated the threat to impose a new contract on junior doctors without their consent, arguing they cannot be allowed to “block progress in our NHS”

”In comments that risk further infuriating junior doctors, the prime minister said the government needed to reserve the right to bring in changes opposed by medics.”

The Guardian finally state that ”His position echoes that of Jeremy Hunt; the health secretary said last week that the contract could be imposed as a last resort but he would prefer to come to a negotiated settlement.”

What’s your view of this?

Are the Junior doctors strike finally making parliament and Cameron think about negotiating a fair outcome? How long will it be until they finally create a cause for action? Why did Cameron and Parliament even create this issue in the first place? Are junior doctors ‘holding back the NHS’ as Cameron quotes?

Comment Below your views 


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