David Cameron: There’s ‘a good case’ for new UK sovereignty law

Source: The BBC

The BBC have stated within their article that ”A new law reasserting the power of UK Parliament law over the EU could be passed, David Cameron has said, once his reform talks are concluded.”

”Mr Cameron, who is renegotiating Britain’s EU membership ahead of an in-out vote before 2018, said he was “very suspicious” of Brussels.”

They further to say that ”The prime minister has said he wants the UK to stay in a reformed European Union, but he has not ruled out campaigning to leave if he cannot secure the changes he wants.”

What’s your view on this?

What would happen to the UK, if we were to vote out of the EU? Would this law be a seriously considered one, if voted out? Is it a good or bad thing to leave? What’s your views on the EU vote?

Comment Below your EU views 


One thought on “David Cameron: There’s ‘a good case’ for new UK sovereignty law

  1. We gain nothing by being in and should be scared by remaining in.
    We are a sovereign power on paper, ruled by Brussels, taxed by the same, and owned by the Germans.

    The Thousand-Year Reich came to pass without a shot fired in anger, and as payment for it’s success, the weeping of many hundreds of raped women.

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