Schools can decide whether to ban full-face veils

Source: The Guardian

After the choice of wether to potentially ban full-face veils on religious women in schools came out, the Guardian have quoted to state that the ”Education secretary’s (Nicky Morgan) comment comes after PM ruled out French-style ban but backed institutions with ‘sensible rules’

Nicky Morgan, the man who’s offered this opportunity, states that it is “very much up to schools” if ”they want to ban the full-face veil, arguing that being able to see a person’s mouth was important for teaching.” (Guardian 2016)

What’s your view of this? 

Will this be a fair thing to do? Should they remove the veil? Will it implement similarity within the school classroom if they don’t where a veil? Does it contradict the multiculturalism of wanting diverse ethnic backgrounds in the UK, embodied in their own manner, but having their right to where a veil taken away, by saying they can’t wear one?

Comment Below your view


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