Capitalists are happy about London’s ‘rubbish’ trains being renationalised

Source: The Independent, YouGov

The Independent have complied an article to state that ”There was jubilation across the capital on Thursday when it was announced London’s commuter train network is going to be handed over to the publicly owned Transport for London (TfL).”

They foreward this to say ”The Mayor of London will be responsible for the Southeastern rail franchise from 2018 and Thameslink from 2021, which will be incorporated into TfL’s existing Overground network.”

Expected changes when control by the patchwork of competing private franchises ends include:

  • cheaper TfL zoned fares
  • more frequent services
  • new trains
  • More staff at stations
  • Environmental improvements to stations

What’s your view of this?

Should the Railway setup in London be a factor of Renationalisation? Are London trains effective enough to run as they currently are? How much would a revamp of London train roads and stations be roughly?

Comment Below your views


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