EU referendum: Cameron sets June date for UK vote

Source: BBC

According to the BBC, ”The UK will vote on whether to remain in the EU on Thursday 23 June, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.”

What’s your views of this?

From reading the article, are you for or against the EU membership status of the UK in the EU? What do you think the outcome of the EU referendum will be? Will any major backlashes occur if the UK stay’s in the EU? Backslashes may even occur if the UK exits?

Comment Below your views. 


The UK will benefit either way, wether they stay in or exit, but simultaneously, the UK will also be affected by either decision also.

New laws of the UK’s status in the EU will occur if the UK remains in the EU, thanks to David Cameron’s negotiations in Brussels, with specific laws on immigration, tax and trade changing to a more ‘UK friendly’ stance. The UK may also gain most of the powers it once had in Westminster to fully legislate bills/laws for the UK without EU say.

However, an exit may see major economic issues such as Free Trade difficulties and market trading being effected, due to the anti-globalisation effect that it could occur as a result of the UK not being in the EU’s neoliberal ‘free movement’ boarders.

As for the PoliticsView’s stance on what way to vote remains unclear, alike the feelings of many other UK citizens. Many negotiations and clear definitions as to what’s best for the UK need to be said by leading politicians. We know a few like Cameron himself want to remain in the EU, however many want to leave, alike UKIP leader Nigel Farage who won the last european election.

There’s still time to vote, but it will come quickly, so all we hope for is some clear and concise debates over whats best for the UK, to avoid further confusion and contribute towards a fair voting system for UK citizens, to vote for the outcome the way they feel is best.


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