Boris Johnson: EU exit ‘win-win for us all’

Source: BBC

The BBC have published an article that states ”Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said leaving the EU would be a “win-win for all”, urging those backing exit to “hold our nerve and vote for freedom”.

”The EU was an anachronism which “costs us a huge amount of money and subverts our democracy”, the Tory MP said.”

”He insisted there were no downsides to leaving, suggesting the UK could ape Canada’s trade arrangement with the EU.”

”But David Cameron said it was wrong to say the UK could do a “sweetheart deal” with the EU after walking out.”

What’s your view of this?

Is Boris Johnson correct and realistic in his views of exiting the EU? Could the Canadian trade arrangement with the EU be easily emulated into a UK version if an exit was to occur? Who’s side are you on, Boris or David Cameron?

Comment Below your views on the Referendum


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