Nigel Farage defends linking Brussels attacks and EU migration rules

Source: BBC

In a recent BBC News article, UKIP leader Nigel Farage insisted ”he was ‘wholly justified’ to link the Brussels attacks and EU migration rules.”

Furthermore, ”Prime Minister David Cameron has said he does not think it “appropriate” to use the Brussels attacks to further arguments in the EU referendum debate.”

”But the UKIP leader said those campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU had already “politicised” the security issue after the Paris attacks.”

”And he told Talk Radio that Brussels was in a “state of lawlessness”.”

”He also described the city as the “jihadi capital of Europe”.”

”He added that EU border rules led to “the free movement of terrorists, of criminal gangs and of Kalashnikovs”.”

What’s your view of Farage’s statements?

Is it right to use the Brussels tragedy as a way of changing peoples opinions of wanting to stay within the EU, towards an ‘out’ view? Is this a way of almost ‘scaring’ people into voting to leave the free-moving EU? Is the UK necessarily safer outside the EU when it comes to the chances of being attacked by radical extremists  and/or terrorists?  Are we safer within, or out of the EU?

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