Lead EU referendum campaigns named

Source: BBC

This short blog emphasises briefly the two main campaign’s named in the upcoming european referendum for both the In and the Out Campaigners.

For the In campaign, the Britain Stronger in Europe group will lead this campaign to stay in the EU, which includes leading politicians PM David Cameron and Chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne.

On the other hand, the Vote Leave group will lead the Out campaign to exit the EU, including lead politicians such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

According to the BBC, ”Vote Leave saw off a challenge from a rival campaign Grassroots Out, backed by UKIP leader Nigel Farage.”

Furthermore, ”The campaigns will be allowed to spend up to £7m, get a free mail-shot, TV broadcasts and £600,000 public funds.”

In your view, who do you think will win the campaigning for the EU Referendum? Simply asked, will we remain in the EU, or out? Who do you think is the stronger campaign group?

Comment below your views in the comment section below


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