Tim Farron: UK democracy needs Liberal Democrats recovery

Source: BBC

ThePoliticsView hasn’t delved much into the UK party of the Liberal Democrats of recent, perhaps due to their decline in presence since their unsuccessful general election campaign. However, one election that the liberals are renown for doing respectively well in, is the local elections with on coming up on May 5th.  

The article above from the BBC publishes the words of Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron, who states the following from his BBC interview:

 “it is in the interests of British democracy” that the Lib Dems recover in next week’s UK-wide elections.

Furthermore, the Lib Dem leader conceded his party had “a battle” on its hands.

But he said Labour’s woes present it with a “huge opportunity” to show itself as “an effective opposition”.

He claims membership has increased by 50% since last year’s general election, when the party was nearly wiped out at Westminster.

What’s your views on the Liberal Democrats?

Are the Party on the rise again? Are they an essential part of British democracy? Is the UK becoming even more party v party then before, between Labour and the Conservatives? Will they do well in the local elections?

Comment Below your views on the liberal democrats and Mr Farron’s words.


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