Election Day: Local, Police and Mayoral Voting

Source: The Guardian

Today is an important day for UK politics, in which known as an election day.

Depending on where you live, you will vote in the following:

  • Local council elections in England and regional mayors
  • Mayor of London and London assembly
  • Scottish parliament
  • Welsh assembly
  • Northern Ireland assembly
  • Police and crime commissioners

Anyone 18 or over who is a British citizen living in the UK, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen living in the UK, or an EU citizen living in the UK can vote in the English, Welsh, London or Northern Irish contests.

So, what are the polls predicting?

England Local Elections:

”Opposition parties are expected to do well in local elections that immediately follow a general election. The Tories and Labour will be hoping they can tell a good news story on 6 May. Labour will want to boast of how many new seats it won, while the Tories will want a weak showing, even if Labour technically increases its number of council seats” (Guardian 2016).

London Assembly/ Mayor Elections:

Londoners will be given two choices when they elect the capital’s mayor.

”Labour’s Sadiq Khan is well ahead of his Tory rival, Zac Goldsmith, with YouGov putting him 20 points in front, and increasing his lead once second preferences are counted.” (Guardian 2016)

Scottish Parliament Elections:

”Scotland’s 4 million voters will elect 129 MSPs to the Holyrood chamber for a five-year term. For the first time in a parliamentary election, 16- and 17-year-olds will be able to vote. The last election saw the Scottish National party form a majority government for the first time, winning 69 seats compared with Labour’s 35. The Tories are looking to overtake Labour in Scotland for the first time” (Guardian 2016).

Wales Assembly Elections:

”The latest opinion poll has revealed Labour support at its lowest since 2010. Plaid Cymru is in clear second place. Ukip is also in ascendency in Wales, and Labour will be unlikely to maintain its current number of seats. The Eurosceptic party is expected to do well in places such as Newport among white working-class former Labour voters.Police and Crime Commissioners Election” (Guardian 2016).

Northern Ireland Assembly Elections: 

”There are 108 MLAs (members of the legislative assembly) representing 18 constituencies. Each constituency is represented by six MLAs.It is likely that the status quo will prevail with the DUP still in pole position while Sinn Féin remains the dominant nationalist party.”

”It’s probably the least high-profile election this week, but PCCs are elected representatives who oversee police forces and hold them to account, replacing police authorities from 2012.”

Police and Crime Commissioners Elections:

”Turnout for the first commissioner elections in November 2012 was abysmal, just 15%. Some subsequent by elections have seen turnout as low as 10%. Those who did turn out last time voted for 192 candidates; this time there is a choice of 188.”

”Of those elected, 16 were Conservatives, 13 were Labour and 12 were independents, most of them former police officers.” (Guardian 2016)

So, what’s your view of the election prediction polls?

Who do you think will win each election?  Who will London’s new Mayor be? Will the PPC election see a higher turnout this year? Who will you vote for and why?

Comment below your views in the comment section




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