Local Election Results and News

Source: BBC, ITV

The results for May 5th’s ‘Super-Thursday’ elections are all in and counted. The following are key points as to how things turned out by election type and location:

Key points:

  • SNP celebrate victory in Scotland but fall short of a majority
  • Scottish Conservatives push Labour into third
  • Labour remains the largest party in Welsh Assembly but fall short of majority
  • Labour’s Sadiq Khan is elected Mayor of London beating Conservative Zac Goldsmith by 13.6%
  • UKIP makes ground in Wales, with former Tory MP Neil Hamilton winning an assembly seat

Results by Location:

  • Scotland: SNP 63, Conservative 31, Labour 24, Greens 6, Lib Dems 5.
  • Wales: Labour 29, Plaid Cymru 12, Conservatives 11, UKIP 7, Lib Dems 1.
  • England: Labour 56 councils won, Conservatives 31, Lib Dems 4.
  • Northern Ireland: DUP 38, SF 28, UUP 16, SDLP 12, APNI 8, TUV 1, Independent 1, Green 2, PBPA 2.


Sadiq Khan has been elected the new Mayor of London, beating Conservative Zac Goldsmith by 1, 310,143 votes to 994,614. Labour wins seats from the Conservatives on the London Assembly.

PCC Results:

Multiple PCC results are also in.

So, how do you think the elections went? Did the elections that effect you most, go the way you wanted it to? Will those elected do a good job? Will Sadiq Kahn lead London succsesfully? Will these elections have any effects on the next 2020 General Election?

Comment Below your views on the Election results 


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