MPs: NHS short of vital front-line staff

Source: BBC

This article is written amidst the ever on-going NHS ‘crises’.

According the BBC’s article, recent ”bad planning and cost-cutting have left the NHS in England short of vital front-line staff, MPs are warning.”

The report looks at clinical staff – those who provide care, including doctors, nurses, midwives and ambulance crews. These account for more than 800,000 jobs – two-thirds of the entire NHS workforce.

It said working out the exact shortfall was difficult, but said estimates made two years ago suggested the NHS was short by about 50,000.

Committee chairman Labour’s Meg Hillier has stated there were “serious flaws” in the approach of government.

“Front-line staff are the lifeblood of the service, yet the supply of these staff in England is not keeping pace with demand.”

What are your views on the NHS currently? 

How damaged do you think it is? Will the NHS improve by 2020? Will the junior doctors strikes be sorted eventually? Should Jeremy Hunt consider his position as health minister?

Comment below your views on the NHS and UK health below


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