EU Referendum: Boris Johnson compares EU’s aims to Hitler’s

Source: BBC

In a recent BBC article, the leading Vote Leave campaigner Boris Johnson has come out and compared the EU’s aims to Hitler’s, saying ”both involved the intention to unify Europe under a single ‘authority’.”

Furthermore, the pro-Brexit Tory MP said both the Nazi leader and Napoleon had ”failed at unification” and the EU was an ”attempt to do this by different methods”.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper, from the Remain campaign, accused the ex-London Mayor of playing “nasty, nasty games”.

Meanwhile, UKIP leader Nigel Farage has backed Mr Johnson to be the next Prime Minister.

What’s your views of Boris Johnson’s remarks? 

Is this a fairly valid comparison? or is this judgement completely ludicrous and uncalled for in the vote leaves campaigning? How do you feel other remain campaigners will respond to this?

Comment below your views on Boris Johnson’s EU/Hitler remarks  


3 thoughts on “EU Referendum: Boris Johnson compares EU’s aims to Hitler’s

  1. I feel as if it was historically correct, and he by no means should have got the backlash that he got; however I agree that he is playing a dirty game and it was uncalled for, then again that is to be expected of politics nowadays, especially from the Tories.

    It will probably be bought up in the PMQs, and also will be mentioned in many speeches and open debates. It will emphasised that the comparison is crazy, and then facts will be pulled out of a bag stating about how it is entirely different.

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    1. An intriguing insight from you indeed… and yes it is seen by many as a ‘dirty game’, so lets see what those of the remain campaign have to say about it in PMQs… Thank you for voicing your critical view of this article, it’s much appreciated!

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      1. It definetly is, with Brexit everyone’s just throwing rubbish at each other! And yes, we will see on Wednesday! Thank you so much for the follow! x

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