Donald Trump warning over UK relationship

Source: BBC

According to the BBC, Donald Trump has warned he ”may not have a ‘very good relationship’ with UK Prime Minister David Cameron if he wins the US presidency.”

Mr Cameron has publicly called the Republican hopeful “stupid, divisive and wrong” over his call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US.

Downing Street said Mr Cameron stood by his remarks, but would work with whoever is elected US president.

Furthermore, Mr Trump is also involved in a spat with new London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The BBC state the US presidential contender said he would not forgive Mr Khan for calling him “ignorant” – and challenged the Mayor to take part in an IQ test, an offer mocked by Mr Khan’s team.

Regarding the EU, Mr Trump, the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party after pushing out more than a dozen rival presidential candidates during the US primary season, has reiterated that he backs the UK leaving the European Union, whilst Mr Cameron passionately situates towards remaining in the EU.

What’s your view of this?

Will the US and the UK see tensions if Donald Trump is elected as the US president? How will Trump being president effect global politics? Does the dividing EU opinions increase tensions between the two? Who do you want to win the US presidency race?

Comment below your views on the potential US and UK tensions to come


One thought on “Donald Trump warning over UK relationship

  1. Donald Trump thinks the choice is ours. The EU thinks we shouldn’t be given a choice in the first place. #brexit


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