ThePoliticsView’s 100th blog post

This Blog article is designed to celebrate the 100th blog post from ThePoliticsView!

This blog has interacted and asked questions over the past few months for YOU to voice your opinions of, which involve many political stories such as the European Union/Referendum, UK Politics, American Politics, the UK steel crises, the World Economy, International Relations and many other political affairs and stories…

The interesting part of this specific blog post is to gain YOUR views about THIS blog!

ThePoliticsView wants to know how you think we can improve…

Do you like the format? Do you like the formality? Does it allow you to easily access other sites? Are the widely addressed political stories written fairly and interestingly for you? Are the questions asked critical and fair?

Please, comment below your opinions of this blog and how it can improve for the next 100 posts!

Thank you for reading ThePoliticsView’s 100th post!



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