G7: Brexit ‘serious risk to UK growth’

Source: BBC , mofa.go

This blog illustrates the G7’s point of view on ‘Brexit’.

The BBC have published in their article that a ”declaration at the G7 meeting in Japan says a vote by the UK to leave the European Union would pose a ‘serious threat to global growth’.”

”In its final statement, the group warned that a UK exit from the EU would reverse the trend of increased global trade, investment and jobs.”

”The meeting brings together the world’s leading seven industrialised nations.”

”The final communiqué set global growth as a priority for dealing with threats to the world’s economy and security.”

The BBC close to say that ”the warning about the economic consequences of the UK leaving the European Union comes as Britain prepares for a referendum on 23 June.Prime Minister David Cameron has been campaigning for Britain to stay within the 28-country bloc with recent polls suggesting a lead for those who support remaining within the EU.”

What’s YOUR view of the G7’s views of a UK exit from the European Union?

Should the G7 remain impartial to this, or can they voice their views that potentially sways the In campaigners votes? Will the G7’s views have a major influence on the way people might vote? Is the UK better off in or out of the EU?

Comment below your views of the G7’s involvement in the EU Referendum 


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