Vote Leave: Brexit ‘could boost NHS by £100m a week’

Source: BBC

Leading Eurosceptic Brexit campaigners have said that ‘leaving the European Union could allow the government to spend an extra £100m a week on the NHS by 2020’.

More specifically, the Justice Secretary Michael Gove called on the government to pledge the money in the event of an EU exit – saying it could come from the UK’s EU budget.

It came after Mr Gove took part in a televised Q&A, urging voters to ‘take back control’ from ‘Europe’s elites’.

The PM said the Leave campaign was ‘writing cheques it knew would bounce’.

According to the BBC, David Cameron has said: “Nine out of 10 economists say there’ll be a profound shock if we leave the EU. That means there will be less money – not more.

“It’s also why so many doctors and nurses support remaining in the EU.”

Leave campaigners said that money would be over and above the prime minister’s election commitment to an £8bn real terms increase in spending.

What’s YOUR view of Brexit members statements about funding the NHS further outside the EU?

Will the UK be able to revitalise the NHS if it we’re to exit the EU? or can it be done within the EU as well? Do you believe the UK spends £350 million per week towards the EU? Do you believe the UK is better off in the EU or outside of it?

Comment below your views of the NHS, EU and Brexit ideology 


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