AP-Hillary Clinton has ‘secured Democratic nomination’

Source: BBC

In a recent BBC article they claim that ”Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination for US president after reaching the required number of delegates, an AP tally suggests.”

The count puts Mrs Clinton on 2,383 – the number needed to make her the presumptive nominee.

She will become the first female nominee for a major US political party.

But rival Bernie Sanders said Mrs Clinton had not won as she was dependent on super-delegates who could not vote until July’s party convention.

Super-delegates are party insiders who can pledge their support for a candidate ahead of the convention but do not formally vote for them until the convention itself.

What’s your view of this?

Now that Hillary Clinton has the needed Democrat delegates that AP suggests, is it looking likely to be a head to head race between her and Republican candidate Donald Trump? Is Hillary Clinton the right person to take forward the Democrats to presidential success? Who will become the new president of the united states?

Comment below your views of the American presidential race and its candidates


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