EU referendum campaigns suspended until Sunday after Jo Cox attack

Source: BBC

Due to the recent tragedy of the murder of the late MP Mrs Jo Cox, all EU referendum campaigning has been suspended nationally until Sunday, with less than a week before polling day.

The BBC have stated that the Remain and Leave groups, which have not campaigned since Thursday, have cancelled all events planned on Saturday the 18th June.

Meanwhile, Parliament, which was on a break for the referendum, will meet on Monday for tributes to Mrs Cox.

The BBC have further outlined that both official EU referendum campaigns were suspended as a mark of respect shortly after the attack on Thursday.

As for the needed by-election for Mrs Cox’s constituency Batley and Spen in west Yorkshire that now needs to be filled, calls for it to not be contested have been announced by some figures including Grant Shappes, Member of Parliament for Welwyn Hatfield.

How do you think the 52-year-old male perpetrator of the murder Thomas Mair should be prosecuted? Will this heavily effect EU Referendum campaigning?

Comment your views below

ThePoliticsView wishes finally for Mrs Cox to Rest in Peace and thank her for her wonderful humanitarian work. We also hope her family can grieve peacefully and live proudly in the memory of their loved one after all of Mrs Cox’s wonderful work for the likes of Syrian refugees and her young children. Thank you for reading.


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