Corbyn Rejects Resignation: Unveils new Labour Shadow Cabinet

Source: BBC

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has recently lost 12 members of his shadow cabinet on Sunday and five shadow ministers on Monday – with most criticising his ‘mute’ performance in the EU referendum.

Labour seems to be imploding, forcing the labour leader to announce a new cabinet following the wave of resignations in protest at his leadership and despite public calls for him to resign.

Mr Corbyn has according to the BBC that ”he regretted the walkouts but pledged to stand in any new leadership election.”

Labour MPs are due to discuss a no confidence motion against Mr Corbyn.

Here are the latest re-shuffles and appointments to the Labour shadow cabinet:

The new appointments include: (BBC 2016)

  • Shadow foreign secretary – Emily Thornberry
  • Shadow health secretary – Diane Abbott
  • Shadow education secretary – Pat Glass
  • Shadow transport secretary – Andy McDonald
  • Shadow defence secretary – Clive Lewis
  • Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury – Rebecca Long-Bailey
  • Shadow international development secretary – Kate Osamor
  • Shadow environment food and rural affairs secretary – Rachel Maskell
  • Shadow voter engagement and youth affairs – Cat Smith
  • Shadow Northern Ireland secretary – Dave Anderson

The latest frontbench resignations came on Monday, by shadow foreign minister Diana Johnson, shadow civil society minister Anna Turley, shadow defence minister Toby Perkins, Wayne David, the shadow Cabinet Office, Scotland and justice minister and shadow consumer affairs and science minister Yvonne Fovargue.

The mass resignations were consequently triggered by the sacking of shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn, in the early hours of Sunday, after he told Mr Corbyn he had lost confidence in him.

What’s your view of the Labour resignations?

Should Corbyn have stepped down? Will the new cabinet be effective in the next few years and reshape labour for the next general election? What did you make of Corbyn’s EU Referendum Campaigning?

Comment below YOUR views on Corbyn, Labour and Labours Pro-EU Referendum campaigning. 



6 thoughts on “Corbyn Rejects Resignation: Unveils new Labour Shadow Cabinet

  1. 1) Jeremy won all the local elections
    2) Jeremy increased of a “billion%” the Labour memberships.
    In the last 2 days another 16.000 joined the party to support Corbyn.
    3) Jeremy is the ONLY Labour MP to have increased the votes in his own constituency during the last general elections.

    If the message is not clear we will be sure to repeat it clearly for the blarites at next elections.

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  2. The Labour coup is disgraceful opportunism, Corbyn may not be perfect, but he was the clear choice of members, who are sick of being taken for granted and ignored by the Blairite faction. There is nobody else in Labour party who could even come close to the support he has.

    The Blairites still haven’t announced a candidate; there isn’t one that can beat Corbyn. They have the audacity to condemn Corbyn for “failing to reach their core voters”, when it was the Blairites who shafted working people and whored our country out to corporations for a decade while in power.

    Corbyn’s EU campaign apparently wasn’t enthusiastic enough. What did they expect him to do? Go on television with David Cameron singing praises about the EU, ignoring all it’s issues that his core voter base have with it and predicting WW3 like dodgy dave and the Blairites did? That would have really got more Labour voters to vote remain! Corbyn’s was the ONLY honest case for remain.

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