Is Theresa May the front favourite for Conservative Leadership?

Source: BBC, The Courier

Theresa May has had a boost to her tory leadership campaign, due to being reported as the favourite candidate on offer in the Conservative party.

In a recent interview on Peston (ITV), Theresa May has ”rejected rivals’ claims that the next Tory leader must have supported a Leave vote in the EU referendum – saying people want more than ‘a Brexit prime minister’.”

Furthermore, the home secretary promised to bring the Remain and Leave sides together and ‘govern for the whole country’.

However, pro eurosceptics Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove both said the winning candidate must have backed Brexit. All of the candidates have been setting out their reasons to become conservative leader in a series of interviews.

The justice secretary Michael Gove, has stated according to the BBC, what his tactics are in the face of criticism, by telling Andrew Marr it would have been a “betrayal of this country” if he had allowed Boris Johnson to run for PM after claims he backstabbed Boris in the race for leadership.

The leadership contest has started due too the current PM David Cameron’s decision to step down by October after he was defeated in the EU referendum.

Like the PM, Mrs May campaigned for a Remain vote, saying during the campaign EU membership made the UK more secure. However, she was less vocal and has been linked to having eurosceptic thoughts about the EU.

But she further told ITV’s Peston on Sunday it was “not a question of ‘what was your view 10 days ago'”, promising to reconcile both sides of the debate and ‘move forwards’.

While talks to extract the UK from the EU and to strike trade deals would be “hugely important”, she said people were “not looking for a prime minister who is just a Brexit prime minister, but a prime minister who can govern for the whole of the country”.

The home secretary has a comfortable lead among MP nominations over her rivals Mrs Leadsom, Mr Gove, Stephen Crabb and Liam Fox.

She has also stated in her interview that if she was to become the new Tory leader, thus simultaneously the new PM, no new general election would take place soon because it may cause further disruption to the Economy and UK jobs during the process.

What do you make of the reports about Theresa May being the favourite for Conservative leadership?

Is she the best person in place to be the new Prime Minister? Are Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove trying to simply boost their chance of being PM by saying only brexit campaigners should win the Tory Leadership election? Who do you think will become the new Conservative Leader?

Comment below YOUR views on Theresa May and the Conservatives leadership election


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