Theresa May wins first Conservative votes but Dr Liam Fox out

SOURCE: BBC, The Independent

Liam Fox has been the first candidate of five to be voted out of the race to become the new Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

The Home Secretary Theresa May won the first round of voting with an outstanding 165 of Conservative MP votes.

Minister Andrea Leadsom came second with 66.

Justice Minister Michael Gove gained 48 votes and Stephen Crabb 34, who has just recently pulled out of the race to finish 4th.

Liam Fox is eliminated from the race, coming last with 16 votes.

Tory Party members will choose from the two backed by most Tory MPs, with the winner due to be named on 9th September.

Who do you think will win the tory leadership race? Is Liam Fox the right man to go first? Why will your chosen leader be successful in the hot seat?

Comment Below who you think will win and why


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