Conservative Leadership: Theresa May and Andrea Leadsman go head to head


Today, the conservative MPs have voted for Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom to become the new Conservative Party Leader, thus new Prime minister of the UK.

They will go head to head to become the next leader of the Conservative Party, after Michael Gove was eliminated from the contest.


After the second MPs’ ballot, Home Secretary Mrs May finished with 199 votes, Energy Minister Mrs Leadsom 84 and the Justice Secretary Mr Gove, finished with 46.

The new tory leader will be announced after campaigning on September 9th, with Theresa May going into it strong with a clear 115 point victory over 2nd placed Andrea Leadsom.

It all came about when the current Prime Minister David Cameron resigned after finishing on the ‘losing side’ in the UK’s EU referendum, in which the UK voted to leave by a margin of 3.8%.

The results were announced at Westminster by Conservative MP Graham Brady, the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee.

There had originally been five contenders to succeed Mr Cameron, with MPs voting in two rounds to get that number down to two.

The contest now moves to its final stage with the Conservative Party’s 150,000-strong membership deciding between Mrs May, a Remain campaigner with a long track record in government, and Mrs Leadsom, a leading light of the Brexit campaign who has stressed her City and business background.

Those that want to vote and are eligible has to have been a member of the Conservative Party by 9 June.

Polling expert Professor John Curtice, of Strathclyde University, said the electorate for the contest represented a “very distinctive slice of Britain”.

They would be mostly over 50, disproportionately male, and “overwhelmingly middle class”, he said.

He predicted the Brexit debate would “play a role” in the contest, but not a defining one.

Both candidates have been linked to euroscepticism, so could be the best choices on offer.

What do you make of the Tory leadership race? Are the right two in place to become the next UK and tory leader? Should another candidate still be in the race? Who will go on to become the new Prime Minister and why?

Comment below YOUR views of the conservative leadership race 


6 thoughts on “Conservative Leadership: Theresa May and Andrea Leadsman go head to head

  1. Today is the saddest day ever , Andrea playing right into Mays hands exactly what she wanted , May is the most hated woman in Britain , Cameron depressed me daily with the EU and the , and now we have this mong in number 10 , i cannot do it anymore it was hard the referendum and now it was all for nothing , she will kill of the police and bring in the brutal GS4 , she will bring in shahira law , and let pheodophiles adopt if that isnt bad enough she will never invoke article 50 ! so today has become my last week !


  2. Andrea Leadsom deserves a chance at leadership she seems far more in touch with reality than Theresa May whom by the way does not seem fit to run the local chippy ! She MIGHT struggle to KEEP AWAKE !! Leadsom has menial job experience , she has been where the majority of us that voted leave have been and she is not ashamed to have had normal menial jobs so she will understand the majority far more than Theresa May would ! Also Mays partner has masses of shares in GS4 perfect for her to do exactly what the EU wanted to do get rid of the police and have GS4 control our streets ( and we all know how VERY DODGY these are in terms of they would shoot , and beat up people just for the fun of it , a bit like America )she is sneaky and vindictive and would never deliver for the majority that voted leave she is Europe through and through its all about HER and the POWER were as Leadsom it would be all about US !! and that is what makes all the difference , we were and are and still can be a GREAT country if we had Leadsom to make that happen ! May would drag it back to open borders , GS4,NHS sold off , and she has already stated she will not invoke Article 50 ! that says it all really that she has no intention of us leaving the EU i stressed myself out so much over making the right decision and the research i along with thousands had done , and what for if May gets in ! I would feel i had to take the governement to court for lying to me and causing un necessarily stress i already suffer with PTSD so if May got in it would trigger yet another massive breakdown for me and i deem that would be very unfair ! We were taken into the EU in the first place by Heath people thought they were just joining the common market , so really to be fair all this threat of a second referendum etc daily on social media in the papers is truly shocking , who would want to put their own children in the dangers of living in a superstate , i can see it now the real life Hunger Games once they put us into districts !! Truly in- humane to say the least , i want my freedom back i want to eat bent bananas and cucumbers and i want to go back to pounds not ounces , i want to go the toilet when i want god the list goes on , who would want to live in a state like that i really do not understand the 48% at all it is truly frightening ! I also would like controlled borders back , free movement is very very dangerous to say the least , were i live you now have Muslims wanting to move as our towns have become shanty towns they are filthy , and very very scary to walk down , groups of men stood around oggling every female in sight it is truly sickening ! and priministers do not have to live amongst this nor their children either ! so why should we , they do not and are not interested in intergrating with us i have experienced this i owned a house until the first influx of romanian gypsys came over and then the poles , and omg my street became over run with them , they had 8-10 kids per familys , these children would play out until 3s and 4s in the morning and even longer if you complained to the parents who would shoo you off and laugh at you , i was exhausted for work , you would ring the council and most operators would say let me guess foreigners keeping you up , and i would say yes , they would reply it is ok we know how you feel ! again truly shocking , this one family were on every benefit going , bare in mind i had to go to work with no sleep for the DWP at the time just to keep these in their free benefits, whilst at the same time they were selling BMW,S and Mercs on the front with price tags in the windscreens i managed to get video footage of several cash exchanges in the street and keys being handed over , so that got rid of that family but they only got moved to the next street and still kept all their benefits , again truly shocking , next door had their door booted in every fortnight by immigration or fraud sometimes both together as the landlord did not care who he was putting into his property and they set sky accounts up at my address and several others took me months to sort that 1 out ! anyway it is far worse in that area now it is dangerous and my point being May will let more in Leadsom will control it and for our own safety as a country we definately need this ISIS must be absolutely howling at us at the minute , as how many of them are now here through Merkels open door policy ! I am sick to death of seeing yet another foreign take away open obviously with the governemnt grants these immigrants are given , the town is full of rats disgusting , this town i am on about used to be absolutely beautiful it had beautiful gardenss and parks , now they are littered with groups of foreigners looking for girls AGAIN FRIGHTENING ! so i would like the governement to really listen to the people and give Andrea Leadsom a chance as what she has offered so far would certainly win my vote down at the local elections she seems refreshing and full of fight , as opposed to just saying words !!!! Thankyou for taking the time to read this .


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