Angela Eagle launches bid to become Labour leader and ‘heal party’


The former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle has set out her challenge to become the new Labour leader through a bid to “heal the party” after the turmoil Labour has had in recent weeks. The current leader Jeremy Corbyn urged her to ‘think again’.

Ms Eagle has said “this isn’t about splitting, this is about reuniting our party”.

Mr Corbyn, was elected by Labour members but opposed by many of his own MPs, said he was ‘disappointed’ but would fight the challenge in which he feels little pressure over.

Labour’s ruling National Executive will decide whether Mr Corbyn must seek MPs’ nominations to run again.

Here are the rules in how to become Labour Leader.

Will Corbyn be on the labour ballot papers? Mr Corbyn has told BBC One’s Andrew Marr in an interview that the legal advice he had been given was that he would ‘automatically be on the ballot paper’ in the leadership contest, without having to seek the backing of MPs – the majority of whom oppose his leadership.

Ms Eagle denied to say whether she thought Mr Corbyn should automatically be in the contest – saying that was up to the National Executive.

But the former shadow business secretary told BBC Radio 5 live’s Pienaar’s Politics: “I’m launching my leadership bid… I think we need someone who can heal the party.”

“Look at what’s happening with the Conservative Party. They are going to have a woman running. I’m a woman with strong northern working class roots. I’m a gay woman… I think I’m the right person for this job.”

This launched bid from Ms Eagle came about through a vote of no confidence in Mr Corbyn by Labour MPs last month was passed by 172 votes to 40. But in last year’s leadership election Mr Corbyn was elected by the wider membership on the first ballot with almost 60% of the vote.

What’s your view of the labour leadership challenges?

Who will be the labour leader come the end of the year? Will a change of leadership help Labour improve? Will Angela Eagle be a good leader? Will Jeremy Corbyn win the leadership vote again?

Comment below YOUR view on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership race 


12 thoughts on “Angela Eagle launches bid to become Labour leader and ‘heal party’

  1. What Angela and the rest of the 172 pseudo-Labour PLP don’t seem to fathom, in their self-delusion, is that people hate backstabbers, rather than vote for them. Ask Michael Gove if you don’t believe me …

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  2. Whatever the view of Jeremy Corbyn, it’s obvious to all that he should be on the ballot paper as the incumbent. There is no mention in the rules of him needing any amount of signatures of other mps. The fact that her leadership bid is based on her trying to get around those rules but being unwilling to be upfront about it, says a lot about her to me and none of it is positive.

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  3. Awful, awful woman.

    Terrible beliefs, going by her voting record, combined with a lack of loyalty and a weak, whiny, bleating (for want of a better word) speaking voice.

    …and I say that as a woman, myself, by the way.

    The worst of all worlds, in other words.

    She’s now on the Sunday Politics, trying to claim she is “left wing”.

    Well, all I can say is her voting record, very clearly, says otherwise.

    In fact, it would look pretty right wing for a Tory MP; let alone a Labour one.

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  4. I became a member of a political party for the first time last year to support Jeremy Corbyn. I did so because I saw in him an honest, sincere man with principles, in contrast to many other MP’s and someone not driven by personal ambition and ego like many others seem to be.
    He won the leadership by a big majority of labour party members in a DEMOCRATIC vote only 9-10 months ago. This long planned, orchestrated attempt at a coup by so many MP’s is undemocratic and I am very disappointed in those who have joined in this attempt to bully Jeremy Corbyn from his rightful post as Labour leader.

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  5. ‘Heal’ the party’? Labour was dead at the last election, just the dry bones of Blairism and neo-liberal agenda left for these traitors to fight over, it had no future. Then came Corbyn and the heart began to pump again, and half a million members became the blood pumping through it…..the 172 PLP have become a clot, if they get their way they will stop Labours heart again and this time it wont be revived. Angela symbolize’s is what was wrong with Labour, the disease that has nearly killed it once already. Shame on her and the other 172. If by some miracle or cheating they win this, there will be nothing left to win, just a corpse.

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  6. Extremely disappointing to see Angela Eagle mounting a totally unnecessary leadership challenge to such an honourable leader, who was elected decisively by a record majority of the party membership only 9 months ago – and at a time when the Tory Government and Party is in such disarray and should be on the ropes! Absolutely unforgivable!!!

    What vision can she possibly have that is truly distinct from the Conservative agenda, that is truly anti-austerity and in favour of rectifying the outrageous inequalities and injustices that are leading to the growth of anti-establishment movements all over the world? At the most she will be tinkering at the edges and attempting to present it as radical and transformational, but will no such thing.

    She will be remembered for voting for the Iraqi War that even Lord Prescott has declared ‘illegal’, for Ed Ball’s austerity programme and welfare cuts, for university tuition fees and for Syrian airstrikes that most of the Party deplore.

    She came a very poor fourth in the deputy contest last year and has lost the support even of her own local constituency party. In all likelihood she’ll be trounced in any leadership election!.

    She should unify around the current leadership and channel all her energies into defeating the Tories.

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  7. The loony left might end up destroying the party if they continue to refuse to accept democratic processes.

    The referendum has proven that “protest politics” works. I’m not Labour myself (more of a centre-ist) but this PLP should be cherishing Corbyn. New Labour was always the personality cult of Blair, now Blair’s credibility has been shot it seems very unwise to want to rekindle his ghost.

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      1. Your post suggests you associate ‘loony left’ with the left wing of the party. Personally I care less about the left/right split than I do the democratic/anti-democratic split.

        This isn’t the 80s, when the anti-democratic forced forced the formation of a new party (SDP). What’s happening now is that anti-democratic wing are trying to stage a coupe against the democratic wing.


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