A Second Scottish independence referendum ‘could be next year’ – Nicola Sturgeon


Nicola Sturgeon has announced on a BBC interview with Andrew Marr that she would consider a second referendum on Scottish independence as ‘early as next year’ if necessary.

The first minister told the BBC that could happen if the UK government started the formal process of leaving the EU without Scotland’s position being safeguarded.

She has also however, suggested that Scotland could stay in the UK and the EU, if UK talks with the EU have Scotland in the best interests of both sides.

The UK minister responsible for Brexit David Davis, said he did not think this would work.

But earlier, the prime minister Theresa May said she would listen to any options brought forward by the Scottish government.

Mrs May also said she would not trigger article 50 – the formal process of the UK leaving the EU – until there was a “UK approach and objectives”.

Further in Andrew Mars interview, Ms Sturgeon said “Do I think Theresa May will never ever trigger article 50 unless I am happy with direction the UK is taking? I don’t know that is the case. But she indicated she wants, as I want, to find options to respect how Scotland voted.”

When asked if she would be happy to have an independence referendum in the first half of next year, she said: “I will have an indyref 2, if I come to conclusion that is in the best interests of Scotland.

“I’ve always said that. It would be up to Scottish people ultimately to decide if that is right way to go.”

She added that if a referendum was going to be held it would make sense for that to happen before the UK left the EU.

Speaking on the show about Scotland’s position regarding the EU, the first minister said there was effectively a “blank sheet of paper”, creating an opportunity to explore previously “unthinkable” options.

Ms Sturgeon also said she thought Scotland was in a “very strong” position in the UK’s Brexit talks after Mrs May said she would not begin the formal process of leaving the EU without a UK-wide consensus.

Brexit Minister David Davis has spoken to Sky News, and is the UK government minister responsible for Brexit. He has said that he did not think Scotland could have such an arrangement when it comes to vetoing the democratic decision.

He added that no-one could have a veto over Brexit, saying the government would not ignore the referendum result.

“One of our really challenging issues to deal with will be the internal border we have with southern Ireland, and we’re not going to go about creating other internal borders inside the United Kingdom.”

What’s your view of a possible 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum next year?

Will Scotland have the powers to veto brexit? Will Scotland having a referendum be in the best interests of the whole UK? Will it be possible for Scotland to have a special status by still being in the EU, despite the vote to leave?

Comment below your views on Brexit, a 2nd Scottish Independent Referendum and Nicola Sturgeon 


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