Angela Eagle has dropped out of the Labour Leadership Race


It has just been announced that one of the two Labour contenders to become the parties new leader, Angela Eagle, has just stepped down from the race to become the next Labour leader.

She was up against the other hopeful Owen Smith, who is now the sole challenger towards the current leader Jeremy Corbyn to be called ‘Labour leader’.

The ex-shadow business secretary said she was dropping out ‘in the interests of the party’ and would back Mr Smith ‘with all her might and enthusiasm’, according to the BBC.

The critics of Mr Corbyn want a single challenger to take him on during the process.

The news came as details of how many nominations the two challengers had received from MPs was to be published.

Mr Smith will now go head-to-head with the current Leader Jeremy Corbyn, in which will be a tough challenge for him, due to a reported rise in support from labour members towards Mr Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn has come under much scrutiny from the majority of his Labour MP’s, but stood firm to not resign as labour leader, and also won a fight to be named as a nominee on the ballot papers for the labour parties leadership election.

Ms Eagle resigned after it was reported, both Ms Eagle and Mr Smith were to step down from the race, whichever of the two them had the less support from other labour MPs.

What do you make of Angela Eagles decision to step down from the Labour leadership race?

Was it the right decision on her behalf? Should she have fought on further? Who do you think will become the new Labour leader, and who would be a better choice in your view?

Comment below your views on Angela Eagles decision to step down form the race and your view on who would make a better Labour leader out of Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith. 


7 thoughts on “Angela Eagle has dropped out of the Labour Leadership Race

  1. It was really exciting last year when JC was elected by a 60% majority. He was the only candidate offering something different from ‘more of the same’. Since becoming leader, he’s managed a huge following among young people who have previously been disengaged from politics.

    The PLP need to get behind their democratically elected leader, talk to their constituents and form policies based on the wishes of their supporters. Popularity and electability will never be achieved by civil war within the party. They need to be strong and an effective opposition.

    There’s still almost four years until the next GE. More people have applied to become a member of the Labour party in the past four weeks than the entire membership of the Conservative party. Is this really a failure?


  2. They are throwing everything at Jeremy, To say he’s not electable , Why are they so bothered? Even a doner taking him to court won’t stop him. We have chose who WE want, and i thought it was the members choice that mattered, But apparentely not. We now are just rabble trots and dogs.


  3. Well wasn’t that just literally a complete and utter waste of everyones time?

    Thanks Angela – great job you’re doing there…just what the Labour Party needs right now!

    …well for you to p1ss off – that’s definitely what the Labour Party needs…so thanks 🙂

    …ummm…could you do me a favour? I don’t know this Owen chap…but you do – could you ask him to do the same please?…that way we could all just get on with stuff and you could give back all the 25 quids you extorted from people too.


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