Brexit will go ahead, Government Officials announce


Today, the government have announced that it will ‘push ahead’ and start to work towards triggering Brexit without Parliamentary approval, according to Downing Street officials.

The statement comes after Theresa May’s cabinet gathered at Chequers (the Prime Ministers Country Escape), and after discussions ended, it was announced at Number 10 that an agreement between collective cabinet ministers that their is a need for a ‘unique’ deal for the UK to occur.

Furthermore, Mrs May told cabinet colleagues that their needs to be a focus on the ‘positive opportunities’ that lie outside the EU, as she reiterated there would be no second referendum.

The BBC have outlined that Mrs May has said the UK would not stay in the EU “by the back door”.

The Prime Minister has also said official talks with the rest of the EU will not begin this year.

The respective meeting at the PM’s country residence is clearly the most significant since the referendum vote in June to exit the EU. Despite reports of tensions and diverging priorities among key figures in the Cabinet, the process to leave will go ahead and the Referendum result will be respected.

Its reported that the Cabinet ministers were asked before their summer break’s to identify what were described as the “opportunities” best suited for their respective departments.

These talks are influential upon Mrs May’s empowering words that the government was clear that “Brexit means Brexit”.

She further commented in her speech that: “We will be looking at the next steps that we need to take and we will also be looking at the opportunities that are now open to us as we forge a new role for the UK in the world”

Despite these talks, the prime minister has said the UK government will not trigger Article 50 – the official mechanism for beginning the process of leaving the EU – ‘until the start of 2017 at the earliest.’

Once triggered, discussions over the terms of the UK’s exit will reportedly conclude in two years, unless all 28 members of the EU agree to extend them.

Wednesday’s cabinet meeting is seen as a major opportunity for Mrs May and senior colleagues to talk through the issues involved ahead of this weekend’s summit of G20 leaders in China.

What do you make of the Governments Brexit plans?

Is now the time to get the ball rolling with Brexit? How do you think the UK will negotiate it’s deals with the EU? What will the UK get out of these deals?

Comment your views on brexit below


2 thoughts on “Brexit will go ahead, Government Officials announce

  1. Parliament voted 6-1 for us to have a consultative (not mandatory) referendum, the purpose being to inform discussion on the UK / EU relationship and its many domestic, business and trade implications, enabling a considered decision on whether EU membership remained in the national interest. Our elected parliamentary representatives were robbed of that debate and decision by an extremist, right-wing Executive that had far less democratic plans.

    The government kept the public in total ignorance that parliament had approved only an advisory referendum, leaving people to believe that their referendum vote had legal weight. After the vote, the government followed through with the deception, pretending it was indeed a determinative referendum and cynically adopting the stance of being noble defenders of democracy using charged, triumphal rhetoric like, “The people have spoken.”
    Our MPs were thus gagged and disabled by the real threat of appearing undemocratic.

    In the plain language more appropriate to a public consultation, it can be summarised that voters expressed an opinion that was, in percentage terms, narrowly favourable to Brexit. And they reached this opinion following the most disreputable political exercise in our entire history, where truth was suffocated by lies, brute ignorance trumped expertise and
    the racist card was played relentlessly, with utter disregard for the social consequences.

    The British people have been played for fools and I fear the prospect for future generations.
    If our MPs do not stand up for representative democracy, we will all be the losers.


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