Why does this website exist?

It exists as a unique website open for anyone to critically discuss all things politics, associated with the blogged articles on real life social stories, issues and political ideologies across the UK, US and International states. It asks a majority of questions in each published article in an impartial manner about the articles views, the story itself and the major people involved. Hopefully, this will then engage people into writing their own critical ‘views’ on both the questions and opinions set.

You can search articles either from the homepage, tab bars, recent uploads or the search bar by typing key words that relate to your political interests.

It’s a site to ‘let of your steam’ and preview constructive opinions fairly, for others to see and discuss within the comments section below articles. This hopes to create a sophisticated source of latest political news, from only the most prestigious sources available. This consequently produces deliberation and engagement concerning people’s open views towards the political stories published and discussed, at the ‘leave a comment’ click-section below articles next to tags.

Please, never hesitate to contribute your thoughts on political stories whenever suitable to you, either publicly or anonymously. Comments are always welcomed to inform people of your view on political and societal stories and issues. Any comment deemed harmful to other people will be removed. 

If you want to contact the editor for any feedback, queries or further information about this site, or place a donation for their work, please do so on the following sources:

Follow on Twitter: @thepoliticsview

Contact: joshc1@hotmail.co.uk

Donate: ThePoliticsView Patreon Account

Please Share, Like and Comment as much as possible and thank you for visiting ThePoliticsView!


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