Baroness Wheatcroft: “The House of Lords could delay Brexit”


A Conservative peer named Baroness Wheatcroft, has come out and claimed that the House of Lords could ‘withhold’ the approval of Article 50, the vital mechanism that once triggered will start the process of the UK leaving the European Union.

However, there is still currently some disagreement over whether Article 50 would need to come before Parliament.

But former political journalist Baroness Wheatcroft said if it did, “the Lords might actually delay things”.

It’s said that the government has previously stated that Article 50 could be triggered through use of the royal prerogative.

Speaking to The Times, the former editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal Europe and the Sunday Telegraph said that she “hoped delays in the Lords of any potential Brexit legislation would lead to a second referendum.”

Furthermore, the BBC state that a legal challenge on whether the government can trigger Article 50 without the authorisation of Parliament will be heard in the High Court in the autumn.

Lady Wheatcroft has also said that she ‘did not want the Lords to stand in the way of the UK leaving the EU’ at the moment, but added: “However, if it comes to a bill, I think the Lords might actually delay things. I think there’s a majority in the Lords for remaining.”

Another question asked was whether she would support peers delaying Brexit legislation she said: “Yes I would”.

– “And I would hope, while we delayed things, that there would be sufficient movement in the EU to justify putting it to the electorate, either through a general election or a second referendum.”

What do you make of Baroness Wheatcroft’s claims?

Would the Lords delay or block the triggering of Article 50? Could a delay or block lead onto a 2nd Referendum? Would you like to see a 2nd referendum occur?

Comment below your views of Baroness Wheatcroft’s claims and Brexit so far


EU referendum campaigns suspended until Sunday after Jo Cox attack

Source: BBC

Due to the recent tragedy of the murder of the late MP Mrs Jo Cox, all EU referendum campaigning has been suspended nationally until Sunday, with less than a week before polling day.

The BBC have stated that the Remain and Leave groups, which have not campaigned since Thursday, have cancelled all events planned on Saturday the 18th June.

Meanwhile, Parliament, which was on a break for the referendum, will meet on Monday for tributes to Mrs Cox.

The BBC have further outlined that both official EU referendum campaigns were suspended as a mark of respect shortly after the attack on Thursday.

As for the needed by-election for Mrs Cox’s constituency Batley and Spen in west Yorkshire that now needs to be filled, calls for it to not be contested have been announced by some figures including Grant Shappes, Member of Parliament for Welwyn Hatfield.

How do you think the 52-year-old male perpetrator of the murder Thomas Mair should be prosecuted? Will this heavily effect EU Referendum campaigning?

Comment your views below

ThePoliticsView wishes finally for Mrs Cox to Rest in Peace and thank her for her wonderful humanitarian work. We also hope her family can grieve peacefully and live proudly in the memory of their loved one after all of Mrs Cox’s wonderful work for the likes of Syrian refugees and her young children. Thank you for reading.

EU referendum: Sir James Dyson says Britain better off out

Source: BBC, Telegraph

A big player in the vote for leave has recently come out, with the head of Dyson industries and billionaire Sir James Dyson announcing he is voting for Brexit.

The BBC have published that the inventor said the idea that Britain could not trade successfully outside the EU was “absolute cobblers”.

He said the single market did not work because exporters had to adapt products like his to cater for different languages and different types of plugs.

Britain Stronger in Europe said: “James Dyson wanted the UK to join the euro. He was wrong then and he is wrong now.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Sir James, who is best known for designing a bagless vacuum cleaner, said the UK “will create more wealth and more jobs by being outside the EU than we will within it”.

What’s your view of James Dyson’s Brexit remarks?

Will the UK be better off outside the EU? Will the UK adapt quickly to life outside the EU? Will the UK be able to negotiate trade agreements and migration barriers quickly?

Comment below YOUR views about the possible UK Brexit and the consequences of leaving the EU. 

Stronger In: Voice YOUR views on Britain Stronger in Europe’s Campaign

Official Website:

This specific blog aims to allow you to simply voice your views about the Europhile Campaigners Britain Stronger in Europe. Stronger In are headed by individuals such as the UK Prime Minister David Cameron (Conservatives), Chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne (Conservatives) and Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn. 

Britain Stronger in Europe mainly argue the following key points as to why the UK should remain in the European Union.

  • The EU allows for better security and citizen protection via its policies and working together with the other 27 EU states. It relates to boosting the UK defence industry. 
  • The UK expenditure given to the EU allows the UK to access the EU’s Free Trade Market. This allows for a no tariff or taxation process to occur when importing, exchanging and transporting products to other EU states, which ultimately keeps prices low and reduces VAT. 
  • Migration and Immigration allow the UK Economy to grow due to skilled workers and laboured jobs being filled and worked at efficiently.
  • They argue over 200,000 UK businesses trade with the EU, so leaving would potentially effect the way these businesses are run and could see many close or go bankrupt.
  • The last key point they have is the high number of economists who give warnings of a Brexit, due to the potential negative economic consequences of this occurring which includes the IMF. 

These are the main points from the Stronger In campaign as to why the UK should remain in the EU, which is mainly focussed upon the negative Economic consequences that  could occur if Britain were to leave the EU.

So what’s your view of the Stronger In campaigning and are their arguments valid and solid enough to sway you to vote for them?

Comment Below YOUR views on Britain Stronger in Europe’s campaigning and Remain arguments.

Brexit: Voice YOUR views on Vote Leave’s Campaign

Official Website:

This specific blog aims to allow you to simply voice your views about the Eurosceptic Campaigners Vote Leave. Vote Leave are headed by individuals such as the Justice Minister Michael Gove (Conservatives), former London Mayor Boris Johnson MP (Conservatives) and a helping hand from UKIP leader and head of the defunct Grassroots Out Campaign Nigel Farage MEP. 

Vote Leave mainly argue the following key points as to why the UK should Leave the European Union.

  • Britain Pays £350 million every week to the EU which amounts to the cost of facilitating and building a new hospital.
  • They argue that Five new nations want to join the EU with a total up too 89 million potential new migrants and immigrants allowed to come to work and live in the UK. The nations are as follows: (Population in Brackets)
  1. Albania (2.8 million)
  2. Montenegro (600,000)
  3. Macedonia (2.1 million)
  4. Turkey (76 million)
  5. Serbia (7.2 million)
  • The EU overrules UK Laws: Vote Leave suggests that UK laws are ‘dictated’ by the EU that stops the British public being able to vote out the politicians who make european laws.
  • Vote Leave claim that the UK can still trade within the EU and tap into the european market just like Norway.
  • UK Sovereignty is lowered because Vote Leave argues the UK has lost its power and law making abilities to govern its own state.

These respective points outline the key arguments from the Vote Leave campaign, focusing on mainly the negatives of Immigration and decreased Sovereignty showing why the UK is better off outside the EU.

So what’s your view of the Brexit campaigning and are their arguments valid and solid enough to sway you to vote for them?

Comment Below YOUR views on Vote Leave and Brexit arguments.

EU Referendum: Who argues what?

Source: BBC – Referendum Arguments Guide

This helpful article provides readers the chance to see who argues what in terms of each campaigning side.

As we know, the two respectful sides campaigning in the EU Referendum are firstly the Vote Leave Campaign, a group of eurosceptics aiming to exit the EU and this is simply known in other terms as ‘Brexit’. The other campaigners are called Britain Stronger in Europe, which as obvious as their counterparts are europhiles aiming to keep the UK in the European Union.

This BBC article is essentially a ”guide to find out the arguments from the Leave and Remain sides on a range of key topics.”

Britain goes to the polls on Thursday 23 June to decide whether the UK should stay a member of the European Union. Ultimately, this article could be beneficial for you to read and gauge where you stand when giving your vote on June 23rd, and seeing what side you feel speaks ‘more sense’. 

Highlighting some of the Key arguments within the article of both sides campaigning in the EU include:

  • Immigration
  • Sovereignty and Laws
  • Work and Pay
  • Trade and the Economy
  • Global Roles and Defence

More arguments are on the article, so go and check it out to find more about your curiosities!

ThePoliticsView asks, whats YOUR view of each sides arguments?

Who are more realistic and reliable in what each side claims? Who will get more votes on the 23rd of June and why? Who do you want to win?

Comment Below your view of the EU Referendum and arguments below

Queen’s Speech: The Key Points

Source: The Guardian

As many know, the Queen has recently informed the nation of the new parliamentary business agenda for the foreseeable year coming, in front of parliament itself.

Within the article, its states that the Prime Minister David Cameron has described the speech as a “One Nation Queen’s Speech from a progressive, One Nation, Conservative Government”, using the opportunities presented by Britain’s strengthening economy to increase life chances for the most disadvantaged.

Below are some of the key points highlighted from the queens speech:

  • High speed broadband: The rights for families to have automatic compensation if their broadband fails is proposed, under measures announced in the Queen’s speech.
  • British Bill of Rights: David Cameron risks a major row with opposition MPs and civil liberties organisations, by trying to push ahead with plans for a new ‘Bill of Rights’. Furthermore, the Government will publish proposals for a British Bill of Rights, arguing that it will restore “common sense” to human rights legislation.
  • Better Bus services: The Bus Services Bill will give elected mayors powers over buses nationally.
  • Education and Young People: Currently, councils are responsible for moving pupils who have been excluded from school into other arrangements but there are concerns that this leads to students being forgotten about. Now schools will consequently be responsible for this themselves and the hope is it will lead to specialist centres being set up to help pupils back into mainstream education.
  • Justice and Prisons Reforms: Prisons will have to compile data on education and reoffending under a new drive for openness.
  • Sugar Tax: A new tax on sugar-rich fizzy drinks will be introduced from April 2018.

These are the key factors that ThePoliticsView has chosen from the Guardians article, however many additional factors were covered in the Queens speech that are also a major part of the Governments new agenda, including:

  • Tackling Extremism
  • International Development
  • National Security
  • National Citizens Service
  • Spaceports, Driverless Cars and Drones
  • NHS
  • Pensions and Savings
  • Welsh Devolution Settlements

What did you make of the Queens Speech?

Is their enough depth to the new Agenda? Will it be carried out successfully by the Government? What’s the biggest issue to address first on the Agenda? What do you disagree with most about the Agenda?

Comment YOUR views about the Queens Speech and the New Governnment Agenda below

Foreign affairs in Saudi Arabia ask the UK to ‘respect’ their death penalty laws

Source: The Independent

The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir, has come out to state that ‘In our country the death penalty is part of our laws and you have to respect this…’ when responding to a question over the kingdom’s “terrible image problem”, put to him by Channel 4 News’ (The Independent 2016)

The Independent further this to say ”The foreign minister’s comments come after international outcry over the Saudi kingdom’s execution of 47 prisoners in one day earlier this month. Among those put to death was the prominent Shia cleric and dissident Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr who was a vocal supporter of the mass anti-government protests that flared up in the kingdom’s oil-rich Eastern Province in 2011.”

What’s your view on this? Should the death penalty still exist in the world? Should the UK inherit the death penalty into Laws? Do you respect the Saudi Arabian’s use of the death penalty in recent years?

Comment Below your views

Three guilty over Hatton Garden’s £14m burglary

Source: The BBC

As the BBC outlines, ”Three men have been found guilty of their involvement in the “largest burglary in English legal history.”

The BBC furthers this to quote, ”During the raid the gang used heavy cutting equipment to get into a vault at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd and ransack 56 safe deposit boxes.”

”Gold, diamonds and sapphires, together worth up to £14m, were taken. Two thirds of the valuables remain unrecovered.” (BBC 2016).

What’s your view on this? How long should these men serve for their crimes? Does this make you feel safe with your belongings at home, with the fact that three men can sufficiently steal from one of the most highly secure building’s in the UK, without notice until weeks, to months afterwards? Does this show that despite the ever growing securitization rates in the UK, people can still commit heavy crimes like the Hatton Garden’s burglary? Do the government need to do more?

Comment Below your views

Gardener jailed for life after stabbing customer to death

Source: The telegraph

Tragically in recent news, the telegraph state that ”A gardener who murdered an elderly customer in a brutal attack in which he stabbed him more than 40 times, has been jailed for life.”

The murderer David Hall, 48, has had many historical issues with the police, including, In October 2014, where he ”stole £557.80 from a Costa Coffee and was accused of burgling customers’ homes.”

”He then secretly moved to Portsmouth.”

”Mr Plater’s gave him “second chance” despite calls from his family to let Hall go, presumably due to his ‘odd’ behaviours. 

Whats your view on this? Obviously its a travesty, and the murderer has been sentenced to life inprisonment as an act of justice, but should more be done in rural security, to stop aspects like this happening and keep in track of people like hall with criminal records? Should police in Portsmouth done more to keep Hall in the ‘local eye’, due to his historic criminal record, to potentially stop this from happening?

This is a difficult one for sure but please Comment Below to express your view.