Donald Trump: Elected, Inaugurated and now officially President of the United States of America

Months ago, not only was this blog put on hold, but Donald Trump was seen as an outsider in the race to become the United States new President.

Low and behold on November 8th, he officially defeated the Democrat Party Nominee, Hilary clinton by 306 Electoral votes, to her 232, surpassing beyond the 270 limit needed to win the presidency. He notably won a number of key swing states like Florida, including the historic safe Republican seats such as Texas.

Today, his inauguration has inspired this blog to reinvigorate itself into a more detailed, personal outlook on political stories that will discuss, assess and expand upon recent political news. It will continue to allow readers to expand there views on respective stories also.

But why has this story inspired ThePoliticsView to come back?

If there was ever a political story to discuss on a site like this, that would indeed be this story and the story of Brexit – which if you search for on this site, you will find.

Trump has said that he will ‘make America great again’. A constant slogan used for the masses to relate to. A little like ‘we want our country back’ used from Vote Leave campaigners in the UK wanting an exit from the European Union. It is a short, punchy line that states exactly what people want.

But can Trump really make America great again?

Outgoing Democrat President, Barack Obama has been a heavy critic of Trump, not only because of him being ‘Republican’, but also due to the societal stirs and hate he has spawned over the past several months.

He’s repeatedly been called, or defined as a Xenophobic, Racist, Prejudice, Misogynist, a Dictator and a Narcissist whom believes the Environmental damages we face is a myth ‘created by the Chinese, to make US manufacturing non-competitive’ . In fact, he even tweeted that one (Source).

Now, ThePoliticsView may be giving off a negative output onto Mr Trump here, but he is only to blame for why he’s been negatively portrayed as the man he is. It’s because he is who he is made out to be at the end of the day, and thats hard not to deny after all of the public outbursts and statements Donald Trump has made.

Although he may make America ‘great again’ (which I personally think degrades all of the work Obama has done over the last 8 years to say it wasn’t ‘great’), he faces a lot of social backlash and walls to re-build, not only along the boarder of Mexico, but within the sphere of society and with the people of America that he wishes to ‘bring together’.

Trump is a critic of certain trade agreements too, such as the North Atlantic Trade Organisation (NATO) and trading ties in South America. This is a warning to expect the unexpected under Trump. He is almost if you like, a ‘loose cannon’ who is hard to predict exactly what he want’s to do, or if he’ll do it at all.

One things for sure and that’s time will be very different to the past 8 years under Obama, and things are going to change, be it Trade deals, Immigration, Globalisation norms or Military Agenda’s both in America and Globally.

So, this is where you come into it:

Do you think Donald Trump can ‘make America great again?’

Do you think he’ll keep to his word on hard policies, such as building the great Mexican wall?

Comment below what you make of Donald Trumps Presidency inauguration and what you think he’ll do as president.


Orlando Shootings Overview: up to 50 people killed, many others hospitalised, shooter pledges to ISIS

Source: CNN, BBC

In recent days we have seen a globally moaned tragedy occur, due to one gunman in America reportedly killing up to 50 people in a gay night club ‘hatred’ massacre in the city of Orlando, Florida.

The BBC have quoted that so far, ”26 of those killed have been named: 22 men and four women aged between 20 and 50.”

Today, the BBC report that the ”father of a gunman who killed dozens of people in an Orlando gay club says he did not know that his son had a ‘grudge in his heart’.”

Omar Mateen killed up too 50 people and wounded 53 more in the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history, before being shot dead by police, according to the BBC.

Seddique Mateen (the farther) said he did not understand why his son had carried out the shooting at the Pulse nightclub.

CNN report that Mr Mateen has now ”pledged allegiance to ISIS before he gunned down 50 people early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation’s worst terror attack since 9/11.”

What are your views on this dreadful homophobic attack upon LGBT group members?

Does America now need to tackle its gun laws due to constant hate attacks with the use of armed weapons? How will the current president Barack Obama tackle this? Will this in any way boost Donald Trumps campaign, who has already said he wants to ban muslims coming into the state temporarily, to ‘figure out whats going on’?

Comment Below your views

AP-Hillary Clinton has ‘secured Democratic nomination’

Source: BBC

In a recent BBC article they claim that ”Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination for US president after reaching the required number of delegates, an AP tally suggests.”

The count puts Mrs Clinton on 2,383 – the number needed to make her the presumptive nominee.

She will become the first female nominee for a major US political party.

But rival Bernie Sanders said Mrs Clinton had not won as she was dependent on super-delegates who could not vote until July’s party convention.

Super-delegates are party insiders who can pledge their support for a candidate ahead of the convention but do not formally vote for them until the convention itself.

What’s your view of this?

Now that Hillary Clinton has the needed Democrat delegates that AP suggests, is it looking likely to be a head to head race between her and Republican candidate Donald Trump? Is Hillary Clinton the right person to take forward the Democrats to presidential success? Who will become the new president of the united states?

Comment below your views of the American presidential race and its candidates

Donald Trump has acquired the 1238 Republican Candidacy Delegates

Source: Guardian

Nearly all of the relevant news sources have come out to report that Donald Trump has acquired the delegates needed to become the selected Republican Candidate for US Presidency.

The Guardian have stated that ”thanks to some unpledged delegates boarding the ‘Trump Train’, Donald Trump now has 1,238 delegates – one more than he needed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination – and – confetti.”

Furthermore, the ”other republican presidential hopefuls need to win 1,237 delegates to secure the party’s nomination. These include pledged delegates, which are awarded through state primary and caucus votes, and unbound delegates, which consist of party elites who can vote however they choose.

However, trump is miles ahead in terms of delegates with the closest rival being Ted Cruz on 559/1238, however his campaign is currently suspended.

What’s YOUR view of this? 

Now that Trump has enough delegates, surely he will be the chosen one to become the Republican candidate for presidency? Who do you think he will compete against from the Democrats Party for overall presidency, Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton? Will Trump make a good president if he is eventually elected?

Comment YOUR views of the American Presidency Race and Donald Trump below

US election: Why has Trump caught Clinton in the polls?

Source: BBC,, Washington Post, New York Times, YouGov

A bit of US Politics now and this article discusses the extravagant race to become the new president for the USA. The fight has seen a current leading outcome of Hilary Clinton of the Democrats, face off against presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump in a head to head battle for the presidential ‘prize’.

Of late according to the BBC, we have seen for the first time in this long election campaign, ”Republican Donald Trump pull ahead of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls.”

The BBC comment further to say, Mrs Clinton’s double-digit lead, which she has held over the past several months,” has vanished – and with it, apparently, Democrats’ dreams of a transformational 2016 victory that would leave Republicans wandering the wilderness for a generation.”

So how has this happened?

  • Trump has growing Republican (and a lot of white citizen) backing:

According to a Washington Post survey, 85% of Republicans plan to vote for their man. A New York Times offering finds a similar number.

”As for the party establishment, most prominent officeholders seem to either be backing Mr Trump or trying their best to disappear into the scenery. Even Senator John McCain, whose war record was belittled by Mr Trump last summer, has said he’ll support the party nominee.”

  • Hilary has Sanders halting her campaign:

A recent Economist/YouGov poll shows that among Sanders supporters, 55% would vote for Mrs Clinton, 15% would back Mr Trump and the rest either don’t know or would pick someone else. It’s not particularly surprising, given that 61% of Sanders backers view Mrs Clinton unfavourably and 72% say she’s “not honest and trustworthy”.

The BBC have stated that ”the exchanges over head-to-head polling are just part of the increased tension within the Democratic Party that could be having a negative effect on Mrs Clinton’s polling numbers.”

  • The Demographical split effect:

The BBC have stated that ”minorities and women are overwhelming supporting Mrs Clinton. Right now that’s being balanced out by whites and men who are backing Mr Trump in large numbers.”

Exactly how big are these gaps? According to the Washington Post poll, ”57% of whites and men support Mr Trump. Mrs Clinton can count on the backing of 69% of non-whites, and leads Mr Trump 52% to 38% among women.”

Among whites without a college degree, ”65% support Mr Trump versus only 25% for Mrs Clinton.”

What’s your view of the US Presidential Race?

What other factors are effecting the race for each candidate? Which campaign do you think is stronger? Who will come out on top in the end?

Comment Below YOUR views about the US presidential race in the comment section 

Staying in EU ‘best hope’ for UK’s future say ex-US Treasury secretaries

Source: BBC, The Times

The BBC have published an article to emphasis the views of eight former US Treasury Secretaries, about their respective views on the UK’s EU outcome. They state that ”leaving the European Union would be a “risky bet” for the UK”

Furthermore, the BBC states that ”the advisors, who served both Republican and Democratic presidents, say it could threaten London’s pre-eminence as a financial capital.”

”In a Times article ahead of President Obama’s UK visit, they say it would be ‘difficult’ to negotiate trade deals.”

However, ”leave campaigners accused the men of double standards and ‘belittling’ Britain’s place in the world”

What’s YOUR view of this? 

Are the former US Treasury members right in their comments on the potential outcome of a possible brexit? Will this help to sway UK citizens votes towards the Britain Stronger in Europe Campaign? What do you think will be the outcome of the EU Referendum?

Comment Below your views





Bernie Sanders: US on verge of ‘great political upset’

Source: The Guardian, CNN

From watching the video from the Guardian website, do you agree with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who ”tells his supporters that if his campaign does well in Iowa and New Hampshire, ‘we are looking at one of the great political upsets in the modern history of the United States of America’. The comments come as new polling data shows Sanders with an astonishing eight-point lead over Hillary Clinton in Iowa – 51% to 43%.”

What’s your view of his speech?

Will this be a political  upset if Sanders wins? or was Sanders always the man who was most likely to win? Would Sanders be a good President if elected?

Comment Below your views 

Everything you need to know about banning Donald trump from the UK

Source: The Independent

As the Independent have stated within the article, ”The British Parliament is debating banning Donald Trump from the UK.” But why?

After the fact that Trump stated that there should be, or could be a ”ban on Muslims from travelling to America” if elected, and ”under British law, any petition with over 100,000 verified signatures is considered for debate for Parliament.” (Independent 2016), hence the debate today.

Read the article link under ‘Source’ above, to find out what the Independent’s views are on this debate.  

From reading this, what are your views of the parliamentary debate over the possibility of a ‘Trump ban’ from the UK?

Does banning Trump cause potential future tensions between the US and the UK, if Trump is elected? Do you think Donald Trump should be banned for the UK? Will he be banned?

Comment Below your views of the parliamentary debate on Trumps vote to be banned from the UK

US political debate needs a thoughtful makeover: The Financial Times Article

Source: Financial Times, New York Times

According to the times, the American debate needs a sort of ‘makeover’ and is fairly critical against the speeches given out by politicians, most noticing Barack Obama.

there are statements about the speech being a ”thankless assignment” which  ”…is usually greeted with indifference or derision.”

The Financial Times further this to say the speech ”was with an impassioned appeal to resist the scummy tide of demonisation, that Mr Obama closed his last State of the Union speech, and thus his political career.”

When reading about President Obama’s final state speech, in your view, what did you make of Obama’s farewell speech? Did he resist speaking about ‘the scummy tide of demonisation’ efficiently? What more do you think Obama could have done for the world of American Politics?

Comment Below your views

Russia accused of deliberately targeting civilians in Syria

Source: The Guardian, The BBC

The Guardian have quoted recently, the ”UK foreign secretary condemns tactics of Russian pilots, saying they are running return raids on targets to hit rescue workers”

The Guardian further this to say ”Russia is breaching all the norms of war by deliberately targeting rescue workers, schools and hospitals in Syria, the UK foreign secretary has claimed, accusing the Russians of running return raids on targets inside Syria solely to hit civilian rescue workers.”

What’s your view on this? Are Russia starting to abuse their power to far, using this example and their ‘not to long ago’ successful takeover of Crimea? When do Russia need to stop abusing their power, before serious military consequences that can potentially occur, from so called ‘rival’ countries like America and the UK, alongside organisations like NATO? Will consequences occur if Russia continue to act radically alike this on Syria and other aspects like Crimea?

Comment Below your views