PMQs: Corbyn slams Cameron after stalemate on student maintenance grants

Source: The Guardian

Labour fails to gain traction over issue of a policy nowhere to be found in Tory manifesto (Guardian 2016)

The Guardian have stated within their article that:

”Corbyn never got a proper answer to his very reasonable question about why the Tory plan to abolish student maintenance grants never appeared in the party manifesto. But he did not press this point and failed to seriously unsettle Cameron, who used confident, broad-brush arguments and aspirational rhetoric to get the upper hand quite easily in a student finance exchange that may have left some listeners more baffled than enlightened.”

What’s your view of this?

Are the tories right to go against their manifesto and legislate this policy without mentioning to do so during the election? Are the Conservatives right to abolish the student maintenance loan? Will it effect university intake rates, and cause a potential rise in unemployment for 18-22 years olds, unable to afford university?

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Everything you need to know about banning Donald trump from the UK

Source: The Independent

As the Independent have stated within the article, ”The British Parliament is debating banning Donald Trump from the UK.” But why?

After the fact that Trump stated that there should be, or could be a ”ban on Muslims from travelling to America” if elected, and ”under British law, any petition with over 100,000 verified signatures is considered for debate for Parliament.” (Independent 2016), hence the debate today.

Read the article link under ‘Source’ above, to find out what the Independent’s views are on this debate.  

From reading this, what are your views of the parliamentary debate over the possibility of a ‘Trump ban’ from the UK?

Does banning Trump cause potential future tensions between the US and the UK, if Trump is elected? Do you think Donald Trump should be banned for the UK? Will he be banned?

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US political debate needs a thoughtful makeover: The Financial Times Article

Source: Financial Times, New York Times

According to the times, the American debate needs a sort of ‘makeover’ and is fairly critical against the speeches given out by politicians, most noticing Barack Obama.

there are statements about the speech being a ”thankless assignment” which  ”…is usually greeted with indifference or derision.”

The Financial Times further this to say the speech ”was with an impassioned appeal to resist the scummy tide of demonisation, that Mr Obama closed his last State of the Union speech, and thus his political career.”

When reading about President Obama’s final state speech, in your view, what did you make of Obama’s farewell speech? Did he resist speaking about ‘the scummy tide of demonisation’ efficiently? What more do you think Obama could have done for the world of American Politics?

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