Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley elected as the Green Party’s new co-leaders


After a summer of uncertainty across all UK political parties, democracy is finally starting to re-shape itself by closing in on new leaders, new policies and new goals in a post-EU era.

The tories have Theresa May, The liberal Democrats have Tim Farron and Labour are narrowed down to either Jeremy Corbyn (current leader of the opposition) and Owen Smith – the challenger to the UK socialist throne.

Looking towards the UK’s ‘smaller’ parties (based on membership amounts and parliamentary elections votes from 2015) we looks towards UKIP and the Greens who are appointing their new respective leaders.

UKIP still have theirs to announce, however on the 2nd of September – The Green Party announced Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley as it’s new co-leaders ahead of the 2020 general election in a ‘job-sharing agreement’.

The two saw off other competition from five others in order to succeed former leader Natalie Bennett, who is stood down after four years in charge.

Ms Lucas, the Greens’ only MP in the constituency of Brighton, was leader of the party between 2008 and 2012, while Mr Bartley is the party’s work and pensions spokesman.

The two said the joint election showed the party was “not bound by tradition”.

Their joint ticket took 13,570 – 88% – of the 15,467 votes cast.

The announcement was made at the party’s autumn conference in Birmingham, at which Amelia Womack was also elected deputy leader.

The other respective candidates in the election were former election candidate Simon Cross, long-serving member Clive Lord, film-maker David Malone, parish councillor Martie Warin and David Williams, who leads the Green group on Oxfordshire County Council.

In the speech after the announcement of the two winning – Ms Lucas explained environmental protections, workers rights, guarantees for EU citizens already living in the UK and a “culture of free movement” should be at the heart of the UK’s Brexit settlement – the terms of which she said should be put to a second referendum.

She won applause from the party faithful for her comments on “the greatest threat to our security today – the accelerating climate crisis” saying fossil fuels should be left “where they belong… in the ground”. “No fracking, no nuclear, no compromise,” she added, to big cheers from the audience.

What do you make of the Greens new appointments?

Will the Greens now have a strong leadership in order to build the party further and beat their 2015 General Election results come 2020? Will they help to rise the parties popularity? How will they effect brexit negotiations?

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Conservatives face debate over onshore windfarm subsidies with Lords

Source: The Guardian

Within the Guardian Article, they state that ”the government is expected to be forced into a renewed standoff with the House of Lords over David Cameron’s reversal on green energy subsidies.”

”After a series of constitutional rows, the tensions between the government and the upper chamber will reach a new flashpoint as the energy secretary, Amber Rudd, presses ahead with a scheme to end subsidies for new onshore windfarms.”

They also stat that ”the plan, contained in the energy bill, was rejected by peers last year, when an alliance of Labour, Liberal Democrat and crossbench peers took on the government over the proposed closure of the Renewable Obligation subsidy scheme.”

What’s your view of this?

Are onshore windfarms effective, or are they better off within the open seas of land? Would windfarms onshore effect anything major like the economy or the environment?

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Despite subsidy cut and a VAT hike, Solar energy is still effective, quotes trade body

Source: The Guardian

The Guardian state that the Trade body industry says ”solar panel installation is still attractive for consumers, but average payback period will almost double.”

The Guardian further this, to state ”the cost of solar panels could soon go up by as much as £900 for the average home, after the government said they should no longer qualify for a lower rate of VAT, because of EU state aid rules.”

Whats’s your view on this? Is the installation of solar panels still effective for households, despite rise in costs? Do they save more money for owners to consider them effective? Will the rise on solar panel costs effect sales and efficiency of them at all overtime? Is it fair to raise solar costs for owners of solar energy?

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Environment Agency Boss Resigns After Floods

Source: Sky News

As SkyNews states ”Sir Philip Dilley steps down as chairman (of environment agency) after criticism for not returning from a holiday in Barbados during the floods.”

What is your view on this? What could Sir Dilley of done with the flooding issues if he came back from his holiday, due to flooding coincidently happening whilst he was away? Could he have helped whilst still away? Was it fair to criticise him?

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£9m grant fund to improve natural environment

Source: The BBC

The BBC state that ‘Nine councils in Wales are to share nearly £9m to improve natural environments used by local communities.’

What’s your view on this? Is the ”Big Lottery Fund and dormant accounts’ funding from bank and building societies” money funded for this effective for the environment? Could it be spent elsewhere to tackle other issues?

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