Pro-Brexit MP Gisela Stuart claims ‘EU citizens are currently being left in limbo’ by the Government


One of the leading Vote Leave figures Gisela Stuart has said EU citizens in the UK have been “left in limbo” since the referendum result to leave the European Union.

Furthermore, the Labour MP is expected to head a research project on how to protect EU migrant rights after the UK leaves the EU.

It will be a cross-party inquiry for the British Future think tank to examine what kind of legal status’ could be granted to EU citizens in the UK, in time before the process to leave the EU starts by the inevitable triggering of Article 50.

Many Ministers have indicated strongly that they want to protect EU citizens’ status – as long as a reciprocal deal can be negotiated.

It’s reported that multiple MPs from all parties have attacked the government’s stance, saying people “are not bargaining chips”.

Ms Stuart, the former co-chair of the Vote Leave campaign, has stated the government should quickly outline that all EU citizens in the UK – about three million people – will be allowed to stay after Brexit.

She further states that the government should “take the initiative” and emphasize their intentions to protect UK-EU citizens’ rights and that it expected the same treatment for UK nationals abroad.

She also believes Ministers should demonstrate that leaving the EU “doesn’t mean that we’re ignoring people’s rights”.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron believes it’s “pretty shameful” for Ms Stuart to be “claiming to be worried” about the rights of EU citizens.

He said she had been part of a campaign that “whipped up anti-immigrant feeling” and “contributed to an increase of hate crimes against Europeans”.

“It is like the arsonist turning round and saying they are surprised that a fire took hold,” Mr Farron has said.

Lastly, David Davis, the newly named Brexit secretary by new Prime Minister Theresa May, will oversee the negotiations on the UK’s exit from the European Union, and has said that he wants to secure a “generous settlement” for both EU nationals in the UK, and British citizens abroad.

Ministers have said it would be “unwise” to fully “guarantee” EU citizens’ rights without a deal for Britons abroad.

What do you make of the uncertainty behind EU citizens rights living in the UK?

Do the government need to state and maintain transparent and accountable help towards EU migrants living in the UK quickly? Will the government fully help EU migrants living in the UK?

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David Cameron: We can control migration inside EU

Source: BBC

After his recent Sky News interview representing the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, David Cameron has said migration can be managed if the UK remains inside the EU and it would be ‘madness’ to try to control it by voting to leave.

According to the BBC, he said he ”did not accept that his pledge to cut immigration below 100,000 could not be achieved within the EU.”

In a live Q&A on Sky News, he said ”leaving the EU and the single market would ‘trash’ the UK economy.”

Vote Leave’s Iain Duncan Smith said the studio audience were “fed up with the scaremongering” of the Remain campaign.

Mr Cameron said about 600,000 had left this country and about 1.2 million had come to live or work here, accepting immigration was a big challenge.

What’s YOUR view of David Cameron’s Migration beliefs?

Can migration be lowered within the European Union? Will migration be heavily tackled if we we’re to exit the EU? What do you think the outcome of the Referendum will be, an IN or OUT vote?

Comment below your views about David Cameron’s remarks on the EU and migration 

Net migration at 323,000 prompts EU referendum row

Source: The BBC

In a recent BBC article, they have announced that ”New figures showing net migration to the UK remains near record levels have sparked a row between the two sides in the EU referendum debate.”

”The difference between the number of people leaving and arriving was 323,000 in the year to September.”

”David Cameron said the figure was “still too high” but the government was taking action to bring it down.”

”UKIP leader Nigel Farage says the only way to get immigration under control is to leave the EU in June’s referendum.”

What’s your view of this?

Do you feel that the government remains committed towards making the average net migration decrease, to the 100,000’s area by the next election in 2020 as promised? How much will the topics of emigration, migration and immigration of EU members and afar, influence the peoples vote upon an EU stay or exit?

Comment below your views of the EU vote and emigration, migration & immigration below. 

Graph created and modified by the BBC.