Donald Trump: Elected, Inaugurated and now officially President of the United States of America

Months ago, not only was this blog put on hold, but Donald Trump was seen as an outsider in the race to become the United States new President.

Low and behold on November 8th, he officially defeated the Democrat Party Nominee, Hilary clinton by 306 Electoral votes, to her 232, surpassing beyond the 270 limit needed to win the presidency. He notably won a number of key swing states like Florida, including the historic safe Republican seats such as Texas.

Today, his inauguration has inspired this blog to reinvigorate itself into a more detailed, personal outlook on political stories that will discuss, assess and expand upon recent political news. It will continue to allow readers to expand there views on respective stories also.

But why has this story inspired ThePoliticsView to come back?

If there was ever a political story to discuss on a site like this, that would indeed be this story and the story of Brexit – which if you search for on this site, you will find.

Trump has said that he will ‘make America great again’. A constant slogan used for the masses to relate to. A little like ‘we want our country back’ used from Vote Leave campaigners in the UK wanting an exit from the European Union. It is a short, punchy line that states exactly what people want.

But can Trump really make America great again?

Outgoing Democrat President, Barack Obama has been a heavy critic of Trump, not only because of him being ‘Republican’, but also due to the societal stirs and hate he has spawned over the past several months.

He’s repeatedly been called, or defined as a Xenophobic, Racist, Prejudice, Misogynist, a Dictator and a Narcissist whom believes the Environmental damages we face is a myth ‘created by the Chinese, to make US manufacturing non-competitive’ . In fact, he even tweeted that one (Source).

Now, ThePoliticsView may be giving off a negative output onto Mr Trump here, but he is only to blame for why he’s been negatively portrayed as the man he is. It’s because he is who he is made out to be at the end of the day, and thats hard not to deny after all of the public outbursts and statements Donald Trump has made.

Although he may make America ‘great again’ (which I personally think degrades all of the work Obama has done over the last 8 years to say it wasn’t ‘great’), he faces a lot of social backlash and walls to re-build, not only along the boarder of Mexico, but within the sphere of society and with the people of America that he wishes to ‘bring together’.

Trump is a critic of certain trade agreements too, such as the North Atlantic Trade Organisation (NATO) and trading ties in South America. This is a warning to expect the unexpected under Trump. He is almost if you like, a ‘loose cannon’ who is hard to predict exactly what he want’s to do, or if he’ll do it at all.

One things for sure and that’s time will be very different to the past 8 years under Obama, and things are going to change, be it Trade deals, Immigration, Globalisation norms or Military Agenda’s both in America and Globally.

So, this is where you come into it:

Do you think Donald Trump can ‘make America great again?’

Do you think he’ll keep to his word on hard policies, such as building the great Mexican wall?

Comment below what you make of Donald Trumps Presidency inauguration and what you think he’ll do as president.


Donald Trump has acquired the 1238 Republican Candidacy Delegates

Source: Guardian

Nearly all of the relevant news sources have come out to report that Donald Trump has acquired the delegates needed to become the selected Republican Candidate for US Presidency.

The Guardian have stated that ”thanks to some unpledged delegates boarding the ‘Trump Train’, Donald Trump now has 1,238 delegates – one more than he needed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination – and – confetti.”

Furthermore, the ”other republican presidential hopefuls need to win 1,237 delegates to secure the party’s nomination. These include pledged delegates, which are awarded through state primary and caucus votes, and unbound delegates, which consist of party elites who can vote however they choose.

However, trump is miles ahead in terms of delegates with the closest rival being Ted Cruz on 559/1238, however his campaign is currently suspended.

What’s YOUR view of this? 

Now that Trump has enough delegates, surely he will be the chosen one to become the Republican candidate for presidency? Who do you think he will compete against from the Democrats Party for overall presidency, Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton? Will Trump make a good president if he is eventually elected?

Comment YOUR views of the American Presidency Race and Donald Trump below

Donald Trump warning over UK relationship

Source: BBC

According to the BBC, Donald Trump has warned he ”may not have a ‘very good relationship’ with UK Prime Minister David Cameron if he wins the US presidency.”

Mr Cameron has publicly called the Republican hopeful “stupid, divisive and wrong” over his call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US.

Downing Street said Mr Cameron stood by his remarks, but would work with whoever is elected US president.

Furthermore, Mr Trump is also involved in a spat with new London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The BBC state the US presidential contender said he would not forgive Mr Khan for calling him “ignorant” – and challenged the Mayor to take part in an IQ test, an offer mocked by Mr Khan’s team.

Regarding the EU, Mr Trump, the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party after pushing out more than a dozen rival presidential candidates during the US primary season, has reiterated that he backs the UK leaving the European Union, whilst Mr Cameron passionately situates towards remaining in the EU.

What’s your view of this?

Will the US and the UK see tensions if Donald Trump is elected as the US president? How will Trump being president effect global politics? Does the dividing EU opinions increase tensions between the two? Who do you want to win the US presidency race?

Comment below your views on the potential US and UK tensions to come