David Cameron steps down as PM as Theresa May immediatley takes over


Today the Prime Minister David Cameron resigned from his post after accepting his defeat in the EU Referendum and choosing to inevitably step down for another to become leader. That person who won the chance to become the new Prime Minister was Theresa May just days after becoming one of two potential successors in what was going to be a head-to-head race to the leadership with Andrea Leadsman.

However, Ms Leadsom chose to stand down from the race on Monday, allowing the only remaining candidate, the former Home Secretary and party-popular Theresa May to win the race early, thus becoming Conservative part leader and Prime Minister.

In her first speech outside downing street as Prime Minister, she announced according to the BBC that she vowed to create a country that works for all not just the ‘privileged few’ and that it’s ”her mission to ‘build a better Britain’.

She further promised to give people who were ‘just managing’ and ‘working around the clock’ more control over their lives.

Mrs May is the UK’s second female prime minister, after Margaret Thatcher.

So what is on her to do list over the next few months?

  • Form a Cabinet: Mrs May will have to choose who she sits alongside around the Cabinet table. The most important appointments – chancellor, foreign secretary and home secretary – are expected to be announced on Wednesday with a fuller government reshuffle following over the next couple of days.
  • Trident Renewal: Her first meeting will be to discuss the Trident renewal and whether the UK should pay to renew it’s trident regimes. A very delicate subject to discuss and vote on.
  • Brexit Talks: Obviously, the UK has voted to leave the EU and she will now have to lead the talks on when article 50 should be triggered to get the process moving. She will have to also appoint a expert team into helping with negotiations in what will be a very firm brussels to negotiate with.
  • Clarify when the next General Election is: Theresa May has already said that she doesn’t want to have a snap general election due to it’s negative effects on an already ‘uncertain’ and ‘unstable’ economy. She will expected to announced the next general election to be held in 2020 as planned before.

What are your views of Theresa May becoming Prime Minister?

Is she the right choice? Will she succeed in the role? Will she successfully lead the UK out of the EU with the best possible outcomes such as gaining free trade? What did you make of David Cameron’s 6 year stint as Prime Minister?

Comment below YOUR views on Theresa May and David Cameron


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