Queen’s Speech: The Key Points

Source: The Guardian

As many know, the Queen has recently informed the nation of the new parliamentary business agenda for the foreseeable year coming, in front of parliament itself.

Within the article, its states that the Prime Minister David Cameron has described the speech as a “One Nation Queen’s Speech from a progressive, One Nation, Conservative Government”, using the opportunities presented by Britain’s strengthening economy to increase life chances for the most disadvantaged.

Below are some of the key points highlighted from the queens speech:

  • High speed broadband: The rights for families to have automatic compensation if their broadband fails is proposed, under measures announced in the Queen’s speech.
  • British Bill of Rights: David Cameron risks a major row with opposition MPs and civil liberties organisations, by trying to push ahead with plans for a new ‘Bill of Rights’. Furthermore, the Government will publish proposals for a British Bill of Rights, arguing that it will restore “common sense” to human rights legislation.
  • Better Bus services: The Bus Services Bill will give elected mayors powers over buses nationally.
  • Education and Young People: Currently, councils are responsible for moving pupils who have been excluded from school into other arrangements but there are concerns that this leads to students being forgotten about. Now schools will consequently be responsible for this themselves and the hope is it will lead to specialist centres being set up to help pupils back into mainstream education.
  • Justice and Prisons Reforms: Prisons will have to compile data on education and reoffending under a new drive for openness.
  • Sugar Tax: A new tax on sugar-rich fizzy drinks will be introduced from April 2018.

These are the key factors that ThePoliticsView has chosen from the Guardians article, however many additional factors were covered in the Queens speech that are also a major part of the Governments new agenda, including:

  • Tackling Extremism
  • International Development
  • National Security
  • National Citizens Service
  • Spaceports, Driverless Cars and Drones
  • NHS
  • Pensions and Savings
  • Welsh Devolution Settlements

What did you make of the Queens Speech?

Is their enough depth to the new Agenda? Will it be carried out successfully by the Government? What’s the biggest issue to address first on the Agenda? What do you disagree with most about the Agenda?

Comment YOUR views about the Queens Speech and the New Governnment Agenda below


Margaret Beckett: Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t won back the public’s trust on welfare and immigration

Source: The Independent

The Independent have released an article to state that ”Labour hasn’t yet won the public’s trust back on the issues of welfare and immigration, the author of a key report into why the party lost the election has said.”

They further this to quote Dame Margaret Beckett, who supposedly said ”Jeremy Corbyn could win the election with a “political miracle” but said key reasons why Labour lost had not yet been overcome by the new leadership.”

What’s your view on this?

Has Corbyn won your trust on welfare and immigration policies? Is what he says within the article acceptable to win peoples trust on these policies?

Comment Below your views on Jeremy Corbyn’s views of Welfare and Immigration

Jeremy Corbyn backs new law that could make companies pay their staff up to £1,200 a year more

Source: The Independent

The Independent understands that ”Jeremy Corbyn is considering a new law to force companies to share their profits with workers. A proposal to make businesses with 50 or more employees set aside at least 5 per cent of their total profits for staff has been endorsed by the Labour leader and will now be considered in an official review.”

What is your view on this?

Considering the linked article, will this help benefit equality within the workplace payouts to staff and bosses? Will this be a realistic policy to implement? Will businesses be effected majorly by this?

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Sunday Politics: Your view on todays show

Source: The BBC

The Politics Show on the BBC today are discussing the EU, Pay Inequality and Trident.

The BBC have quoted that a ”New Conservative campaign group on EU warns of risks of British exit” from the European Union. Should we take the EU referendum more seriously and get as many people to know what the positives and negatives of leaving are?

When discussing pay inequality, the BBC quote that ”Jeremy Corbyn has said that a Labour government could ban companies from paying dividends to shareholders unless they pay workers the living wage. Should the conservatives take note of the ever growing inequality of pay, and how should they alleviate this issue? 

When it comes to trident, the BBC state that Scottish SNP leader Ms Sturgeon, ”wants to see Trident scrapped, says the money that would be saved could be spent to create jobs elsewhere.”Should there be a vote on wether to have development and funding of trident on nuclear weapons or not? 

From reading/watching the link, what’s YOUR view on the main topics discussed on the politics show today?


Cameron and Welfare: Speech, but no policy?

Source: The NewStatesman, The BBC

Within this political article, the NewStatesman quote within that ”Policies from across government departments are to blame from the removal of Child Benefit, cuts to Tax Credits, spiralling costs of childcare and the decimation of Sure Start to a shortage of midwives, cuts to charities working with the most disadvantaged families, persistent low pay, a lack of affordable housing and spiralling household debt.”

They further this to say that even David Cameron himself knows that ”making a speech in London doesn’t translate to real change on the ground” such as the issues stated above.

What’s your view on this? Does Cameron need to stop continuously speaking publicly about what he’s going to do, and actually ‘do’ something about welfare policies the the NewStatesman outline to do? What would benefit our overall Welfare policies for society? What would you change about the conservative Welfare policies?

Comment Below your view

Musicians doctor lyrics in apparent critique of Tory policy as Prime Minister watches

Source: The telegraph

Although it’s a very innovative way of expressing opinions, unlike a more constructive way of doing so here on thepoliticsview, whats your view on the band Squeeze, critiquing and protesting against Mr Cameron’s Conservative policies on welfare, through a song on live television? Are they right to express it in this way, due to humiliating Mr Cameron’s work in politics and political views? Is there a more constructive way? Do you agree with Cameron’s overall major welfare policies?

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